Back in the swing of things

*I posted this into my private journal late last night, and I have decided to copy/paste it into this blog as well.*

I can hear the cars on the interstate extra well tonight. My cat curled beside me is an extra comfort as well.

See, my husband left out on the road tonight… he’s been off the road for a month now, and I got very used to having him home every night. I loved spending every day with him, and every night curled up beside him. Now, even with the TV on, the house is all too quiet. Every bump and creak makes me jump a mile. How quickly I grow “out of practice” with this.

However, I will make the most of this time as I always do. My house will get cleaned extra well. I might even get the office organized a bit. I also have plenty of work to do otherwise! I am not at all lacking stuff to keep me busy!

Sleep, though, never comes easy when he’s away. At least not until the sun rises, and I start to hear the neighbors moving around. I think its a feeling of vulnerability that keeps me awake. It’s that fear of “something” happening in the dead of night. Not that something couldn’t happen in the daylight, but I do take comfort in the sun rays. As if they are my guards while I slumber.

So until the sky starts to become light, I keep myself busy with mind numbing computer games and with the local morning news. Tomorrow night will be easier, and the night after that, too. It’s simply a matter of getting back into the routine of things. It’s a routine I welcome… even as it ushers in an element of insomnia.

It’s my birthday

I’m 28-years-old today. Not really one of those “milestone” birthdays, but I happen to think every birthday is special. It’s not a date to dread or to avoid. It’s a date to celebrate a life, and a date to look forward to the next year.

This birthday, I hit it super lucky. I’m getting to spend my birthday with my family. It so happened that it worked out for my husband and me to take a few days and visit my family for both birthdays and holidays in one fell swoop. I just happened to be lucky enough to be with my family ON my birthday!

Most notable for me, though, is the fact that for the first time ever, I’m spending my birthday with my husband. Every year prior to this he’s been on the road for my birthday. It’s the way of the road. Things don’t stop for birthdays or anniversaries. However, that just makes the birthdays, etc. that you get to spend together all the more fun and special. And that is this year… He’s with me on my day. And that alone is present in itself.