I’ve got my hash tags

Hash tags — Short messages on services such as Twitter may be tagged by including one or more hash tags: words or phrases prefixed with a hash symbol (#)… such as #beer… Then, a person can search for the term #beer and this tagged word will appear in the search engine results. (From Wikipedia)

That’s a pretty lame definition, but it works. The most general point of hash tags is still lost on me, considering that you can search for anything with or without the pound sign hash symbol.

Granted, if you get a little more technical and picky, they have their purpose. For example, in cases such as a TV show or a sporting event, the hash tag is indeed useful to group posts into one big discussion.

The first time I used a hash tag was to dish about the CMA Awards. It opened up my posts to other viewers, and in no time my following/follower count tripled with like-minded people. I had to admit, the hash tags rocked in that case. I’ve used it seriously in cases such as discussing things relating to Texas A&M (#tamu or #gigem) and then of course the Nashville flood last month. So, haven’t I seen the point behind the hash tag? Yes. Is it handy in some cases? Yes.

In general twittering, though, if I use a hash tag, its for my own amusement. Hence why I say, the general point of a hash tag is lost on me, and I tend to poke more fun at it than use it properly. For example, #imjustsayin or #ihavenopoint or #stoplookingatmelikethat. I have plenty of people on Twitter who treat hash tags the same.

One of my favorite ones to use is #marriedbutnotdead if I’m going to make a comment about some guy other than my husband looking good.  I’ve also recently started using #musicianswidow when I post something relating to life married to a music man. So,  again, I suppose even in my good fun, I have found a use for them.

I’ve created one that I wish I could get more people to use: #creativeexercise — when you do something more physical than normal, everyday life, but its not what a trainer would necessarily call “exercise”. I’ve used it when I went out to help mow the grass, or last week when I hand washed our truck. Both things out of the ordinary for me, and also things that are more physically challenging than sitting in front of the computer typing!

So here’s my question… does anyone else have their own favorite hash tag? How important and useful are they to you?

2 thoughts on “I’ve got my hash tags”

  1. I have a friend on Twitter (who has since become a friend IRL) who give a hashtag greeting every morning. I think it is awsome and love it. We also use the #foreverfriend tag whenever we greet each other. I like using it this way, makes tweeting fun

    1. Oh I love that!! I might have to use that one as well, or at least some sort of variation on it. It DOES make tweeting fun, and its a personal touch that makes the posts memorable.

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