Show Stories: I can’t believe I live here!

129: My City
I’ve lived in Nashville for 4 years now… and still I have moments when I go, “I can’t believe I LIVE here!”

Sure, there are a lot of ways that you can tell I live here. Tour buses no longer make me blink an eye. I’m ridiculously cynical about the music industry. And there is that whole night owl thing that I think this city amplifies.

However, there are definitely moments in time that make me sit back in wonder. The way everyone pulled together after the flood is one prime example that makes me look around in wonder. The way the leaves turn in the Fall simply amazes me by natures beauty. The friendships I’ve made here give me pause in their variety, strength and constant comfort.

Last night, though, I had one of those moments on the music side.

Living here, you might find it strange that I rarely go to any of the “big events” that occur here. Fan Fair, for example, I only go to the free stuff after giving myself a pep-talk to do so. You can watch GAC or CMT and hear about these big shows that happen in town, and a majority of the time they fly under my radar.

But its the nights like last night, when I am hanging out with friends and an artist comes in just to hang out. Then the band happens to get that artist up to play. It’s those nights that I pinch myself, because you’re seeing this artist who you’d pay big bucks anywhere else to see in their true element. No lights. No smoke. No video boards. Often just them and a guitar for a few songs. Something their fans would pay mega bucks to see. Instead, I find myself sitting there, taking it all in, for the cost of a night out with friends. Just because I live HERE in Music City.

I have to admit. Even being as close to the music industry as I am, I still get a thrill from it. I still feel those music-fan goosebumps, and my internal voice is squealing, “Oh my gosh! How did I get this lucky!?”

I love it. I love this city. And I get to LIVE here.


5 thoughts on “Show Stories: I can’t believe I live here!”

    1. Trent Tomlinson… he’s one of the Fiddle regulars, so in a lot of ways it was just a, “Oh hey.” thing. But when he got up and did “One Wing in the Fire” acoustically, and you could literally hear a pin drop in the place, I got goosebumps. And it spurred a blog post. ha!

  1. That’s the exact song I kept hearing in my head when you said he was there. I kept thinking, “Oh I bet that would sound amazing acoustically!” :)

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