Learning how unreal it is…

Two shows I really like are Restaurant: Impossible and Bar Rescue. Its fascinating to see how transformations made to the establishments make such a huge difference, and I’ve picked up a few tips here there that I’ve tried to apply to my own working in a bar.

But you ever notice how perfect the people always still look after hours of work? Ever notice how the work gets done in that super short period of time? I’ve always thrown the BS flag at that, wishing they’d show better how big of a crew they actually have doing the work.

This week, we’ve been working every day down at the bar doing the yearly cleaning and maintenance. Every year, the bar has closed the first week of January to make changes or just to do a deeper cleaning than we have time to do on a regular basis. Its a great way, in my opinion, to kick off a new year.

We’ve been painting. Building. Cleaning. Straightening. Painting…

It’s a lot dirty and harder work than they make it look on TV!! We’re sore. My jeans are an awesome multi-colored set with black and red paint all over them. Last night, we were covered in dust and dirt from just cleaning areas that get left through the year.

It’s hard work. But it is so very satisfying. Its awesome to look around and see the work you’ve done. The soreness is a good kind of sore.

And its that positive reality I wish they’d show on these shows. Everyone isn’t all pretty with perfect hair and make-up while they work. Everyone has broken nails, stained clothes, and their arms and backs ache. It’s a good thing. It’s not something to hide for TV! Show me how hard it is. Show me how very, very satisfying it is.

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