Positive influencers

Today’s Daily Challenge is: List 3 people who have a positive influence on your mood. How to do it: Make a list of three people you know who have a positive influence on how you feel. The list can include people you see regularly – like an upbeat neighbor or co-worker – or those whose voices always cheer you when you give them a call.

I thought it would make for a great blog post.

My husband is of course on the list of positive influences. (Granted he can also be a source of frustration… LOL!  PMS is rough on both of us.) He can cheer me up quickly, and I find myself in a funk any time work separates us for long periods of time.  I find myself out of sorts, moody, and just… off. But a phone call always helps. Texts make me smile. Of course, time together is always the best, though. With him on the road as often as he is, we take our time together a lot more seriously than we would otherwise.

My parents are a total positive influence. They’ve always been supportive and wonderful sources of advice and encouragement. I treasure my time with them… treasure it. (In fact, this post is so late today because they are visiting me, and I want to spend my time with them instead of being on the internet.) I talk to them every day, and I look forward to doing that! It feels weird if I have a day in which I don’t talk to them for any reason, but we at least text message back and forth! And I absolutely love that. So thankful.

Finally, my go-to pick me up is my friend, Anne. It started years ago while in college, and still to this day we rant to each other via text any time something happens. Or we celebrate good things. I have many great friends, but Anne is one that I automatically text any time something happens. It’s a positive, wonderful habit that I don’t plan to break any time soon. (Happy Birthday, by the way!!)

What about you? Who are the positive influences in YOUR life?

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