No tree

The last several years, my husband and I have not put up a Christmas tree. In fact, in our almost six years of marriage, we’ve only had a tree once, and that was just because we were having a small housewarming/Christmas party.

We’ve always traveled for Christmas, and we are on the run so much during the week, that we just figure it isn’t worth putting it up. We won’t be around to enjoy it anyway.

So, since we don’t put one up ourselves, we enjoy decorating the tree at the bar where I work. And the family tree wherever we go is our tree as well.

But I’ll be honest. I miss having a tree of our own. I have a box full of beautiful ornaments, collected through my life, just sitting in the basement. It remains boxed up year after year. Last year, we had a little basement flooding, and I did lose a few ornaments when the box they were stored in got wet. So I did at least get to go through them last year, reminiscing over when I got each one.

I look forward to the day we put a tree up again. I don’t let it get me down that we don’t put up a tree. It doesn’t upset me, as I know logically it just makes sense to skip it. (Plus our house is small and I’m not sure where I’d put it anyway!) But, it IS a special piece of Christmas decor that I can’t wait to do again.