State misconceptions

I love how when I tell people I grew up in Texas they immediately assume three things:

1. I rode a horse to school (no, but I did drive a Ford truck… not that everyone else did too… we actually had a wide variety of vehicular transportation in the parking lot)

2. I wear cowboy boots all the time (ok that one is true)

3. I know how to line dance (not only no, but hell no)

But none of these have ever amused me as much as when my friend said, “Yeah, I’m from Oklahoma, but it doesn’t mean I shoot a bow and arrows!”


So tell me… what’s your favorite assumption people make about you based on where you’re from?

4 thoughts on “State misconceptions”

  1. I’m also from Texas, but lived most of my life near Seattle. People say to me ‘oh, it rains there all the time!’
    I reply, yeah, we don’t ran, we rust!’
    No, really, it rains
    60″ a year in Mobile AL,
    22.6″ in San Francisco CA,
    34″ at the UW in Seattle,
    37″ at Sea-Tac Airport,
    47.6″ in Nashville TN, and
    46.1″ at Houston TX Intercontinental Airport &
    50.8″ at Houston TX Hobby Airport

  2. I grew up in East Tennessee, near the Smokies. My father’s family all lived in Ohio. Whenever we’d visit they would be surprised that:
    1. I wore shoes
    2. I didn’t wear overalls
    3. Listened to any other music than country.
    Tara R. recently posted..Dark and dreary

  3. So, over Christmas, I was telling family in C-town that guys at work in Goodlettsville tell me that Im not from the south because Tennessee is the south, to which my family member says “they are right, your not from the south, your from Texas”. I like that way of thinking.

    1. It’s so true!! Texas is its own region! It’s not “South” its not “Southwest” its just… Texas. And I really like that, too. I love living in the South, but its definitely not the same.

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