Photo Share: January 6 – 12

photosharebuttonWhat a week it was! I had a chance to sit and get a little work done, had a nice little “heat wave” with temperatures in the 70s, and it all ended with one epic Sock Hop at work.

Photo Share is my personal replacement for Weekly Winners, since that link exchange is no longer happening. It’s just my own challenge to take great photos through the week, as it gives me a venue to share some of them on this blog. Consider it my own little P.S. on the week before.

All photos this week taken with my Sony DSLR A230, and edited using Lightroom 3.

Green eyed gal
Green eyed gal.
061: My Aggie Ring
My Aggie Ring
My Aggie Ring
Name etched inside.
Woodchuck Raspberry
Woodchuck Cider
063: $12 bottle of beer
$12 bottle of beer
Flying Saucer Gift Card
Gift card goodness!
064: Happy Birthday, Rick & Joyce
Happy Birthday, Joyce & Rick!



One thought on “Photo Share: January 6 – 12”

  1. Oh I love all of these so much. I’m sorry to hear that the Weekly winners aren’t available anymore, but you are on to something and I really like it. I’ll be looking forward to more pictures. Keep up the good work.

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