#DrinkUpLinkUp — Key Lime Pie Shot

I was at a loss about what to write about this week, so I am blatantly copying this link up’s hostess and sharing a drink recipe.


This has become my signature shot at the bar, and I’m giving away the recipe. It was in our “cheat box” behind the bar, and I slowly have perfected it. Its now the shot that even my fellow bartenders go, “You make it!”

And I love that. I love this shot!

Now here’s the secret. JUST A SPLASH of sweet & sour. The rest of the ingredients you can just eyeball and add to or take away from to find your personal preference. But too much sweet & sour? And you might as well pour it out and start over. You’re never going to get it back.

I speak from experience.

One night as I was making this shot (when I was still trying to learn it) and I put way too  much S&S. I ended up having to ask a fellow bartender ideas on how to salvage the shot. I ended up adding a TON of lemon-lime soda to try to smooth out the flavor… and even then it didn’t taste quite right. It was definitely lesson learned.

So. Go! Go buy some whipped cream vodka and have some key lime goodness!




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