Five on Friday: Stressors

So this week has just been… kinda stressful. But what else is new? ha!

1. My computer decided to threaten to go belly-up today:


Five hours. FIVE HOURS it took to do this CHKDSK. But it came back to life and its actually working better than it has in weeks. But just to be safe, I’m doing a major back-up tonight in case this is the calm before the major storm. #ihatetechnology

2. Money. But when isn’t it a stress for everyone? HA!

3. Fan Fair. I always stress about it as it approaches… then in the thick of it love it… then afterwards and so tired I’m almost dead. Ahhh… its June tomorrow.

4. Weather. My heart aches for Oklahoma who just can’t catch a break. I have been glued to Weather Channel all night, and weather just makes you feel so powerless.

5. Traffic. And parking. Always.