It’s closing day!

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Ahhhhhh!!!!! It’s closing day!

Midday today, we officially become homeowners. I’m excited. I’m terrified. I’m stressed out. I’m freaked out. I’m… so very ready.

It’s been a very long and trying process. It’s tested our patience at times. It’s tested our ability to juggle logistics. It’s STILL forcing us to juggle logistics.

Our closing was supposed to be October 2nd, but it got delayed in the paper processing stage. It happens, and I was pretty much expecting it. But at the same time, this really put us in a bind scheduling wise for moving and my husband’s tour schedule. We’ll make it work, especially with the help of friends and family.

Our new mantra is, “This is the FUN part!”

That it is… that it absolutely is…

4 thoughts on “It’s closing day!”

  1. That’s awesome D!!!! Stacey and I are doing the same thing later on this month! I’m finally getting my acre of land and she’s finally moving closer to work. I’m excited… I could only imagine what you two are feeling! :)

  2. Nise!! It’s finally here! So proud of you guys and very excited to watch how this unfolds. Just in time to decorate for the holiday ;-) Think of the Christmas card picture you can do this year …

  3. Yay!!! It was quiet the day for all of us. We were thinking about you all day I raise a glass in toast to your new adventures. Love you both!!

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