Pic dump

Its been well over a month since I last blogged. Oh I started countless posts, and never had a chance to finish them before they became too outdated to post. But its been a busy, busy month. Travel. Work.

I haven’t even gotten MY tax return information together, because I’m too busy helping at my parents tax office getting other people’s information in order!

I’ve made trips to Nashville, all of which ended up being whirlwind trips jam packed with fun things. Photoshoots. Studio time.

I traveled down to Austin to have dinner with my husband when he drove a bus to SXSW. I’ve never been down in that madness, and I can now say I was at least on the fringe of it.

I’ve been so active, and that just invigorates me. The more active I am, the more active I want to be. It’s all positive!

So before I move forward, a little glimpse at what I’ve been doing since I last posted…

09/47: Witness

Yellow Rose

Rick Tiger Studio Session

Dink Cook Photoshoot

28/47: Disciple

Rick Tiger Studio Session

34/47: Reflect

Austin, TX

Austin, TX