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Holiday doldrums?

I’m trying really, really, really hard to be in the Christmas spirit this year. And as I look around me, I see that to be true for so many people this year.

I got laid off last Thursday. Two weeks before Christmas. TWO WEEKS! Now how do you tell a 7-year-old Santa lost his job before he’d finished his shopping? — A friend

It seems like the true pain of the economy has struck many this holiday season. Funds are low. Bills are high. Christmas dreams seem almost impossible to be dreamed. These woes have been fact for many for years, but for others its a new experience. I know I find myself with a deeper appreciation for my ancestors who survived The Great Depression.

As the press spends airtime trying to convince us all that the economy is getting better. That the recession it taking a turn. That its okay to spend money again. I call BS. If anything, now is the time we’re all feeling the pinch more than ever. That the true collapse of our economy has begun to settle, and we’re all looking around at the pieces around us. Pieces that come in the form of bills we can’t pay. Homes that today sit empty. Unemployment numbers that have reached near record highs.

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle in their journey. – Author Unknown

A friend wrote that quote as their status update on Facebook tonight, and that really made me stop and think. It’s very true. We all have our own battles to fight every day. Some are facing potential job loss. Others are trying to find a job. I know of people who have family members in the hospital fighting for their lives. We are still hearing stories of families losing members — children — to the H1N1 flu virus.

We all have our crosses to bear. And in a season in which we’re all encouraged to be a little kinder to each other, it seems that this year that need is a little greater. Smiles need to be a little brighter. Hugs need to hold on a little tighter. Transgressions of the past year need to be forgiven. Time spent counting our many blessings needs to be taken a little more often.

Losing the spirit of the season only hurts you more. I was happy to address and mail Christmas cards, even as I grumbled about the postage hike that made it a little more difficult to afford. I couldn’t pass up participating in a recent “Dirty Santa” game at a Christmas Party… the laughter and friendship that occurs in a game like that is priceless. It’s memories that keep you warm in your heart all year long.

I have been so blessed lately to be surrounded by dear friends, and I look forward to a trip to spend Christmas with family. I can’t wait for midnight mass — a chance to truly remember the reason for this season. And even when life and my own personal “battles” get me down, I’m reminded to take a moment and let this season sink into my heart. It’s a time for joy. For family and friends. For hope. For love. For faith.

Perhaps even for a little magic. Christmas magic. That thing that takes the holiday doldrums and turns them into holiday cheer… I, personally, believe in magic.

Don’t you?

Giving thanks for my favorite Fs

A little late, but pausing to give thanks…


My parents and my husband at Thanksgiving dinner
My parents and my husband at Thanksgiving dinner

I have the most awesome family. Ever.

My husband is wonderful. I seriously married my best friend. We regularly joke, “Its just too bad we never have any fun together” as we’re doubled over with laughter as we crack each other up. Or if there is something wrong, we can always pick it up in just a few words. It’s… something I am so lucky to have.

And even days when I am PMSing, and I know he feels like he can’t do anything right. And maybe deep down I wish he’d go find some gig to do for the night. (But, you know, if he did, I’d probably get upset that he’s not home. LOL!) I’m sincerely thankful for him every single day, and I really don’t know what I’d do without him.

He’s stuck with me.

My parents are in a word: incredible. I am blessed with parents that are my teachers, my friends, my cheerleaders, and my psychiatrists. I could never begin to say “Thank you” enough for all they’ve done for, and with, me in my life. I am so, so, so lucky. They are without a doubt the coolest parents ever.


My brother and sister-in-law probably have no idea how much I admire them. As a couple. As indivduals. Especially as parents themselves. I look up to them, and I’ve been taking lots of notes. They are an inspiration to me.

My nephew and niece are just cool, cool kids that are growing up WAY TOO FAST. My nephew is in junior high. HOW did that happen already?? I was just putting him to bed in a crib yesterday, I swear! And my niece has better fashion sense than me. And I am okay with this. I think. Maybe. Hmmm… But in all seriousness? Those two kids have no idea how much they make my day every time I see them, and how they cross my mind daily.

My in-laws are awesome as well… and I really wish we could see them a lot more often than we do. If I could ever say I have any regrets, it would be not seeing my husband’s family far more often. Miles and money always seem to get in the way. We are very blessed to have them in our lives, and I am grateful to at least have internet and telephones to keep in touch with them.

I also have really rockin’ (albeit dysfunctional at times – LOL! – I say that very lovingly) extended family, that make me smile. And I know I could lean on them at a time of trouble. And for this fact, and for so many more, I feel so blessed.

Surrounded by friends
Surrounded by friends

Old Friends! New Friends! Acquaintences!

If a person’s wealth were to be measure by the friends they have, I’d without a doubt be a millionaire.

Friends in Texas. Friends in Nashville. My Aggies. My fellow writers. My friends around the country. I couldn’t begin to list them all, but I also do not take a single one for granted. Not a single friend taken for granted… and I am deeply thankful.

I’m living a lot of my life these days on sheer faith. My motto has been, for many years, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Within the last couple of years, that fact has shown itself to be true time and time again. And sheer faith and belief that it’ll all be okay has come true. I truly and strongly believe in a greater being. I believe in God. And he’s stepped in and held my hand a lot. And for that… I could never say Thank you enough. All I can do is give credit where credit is due… and God and my faith in Him has been a big part of getting through the trying times we all find ourselves going through today.

So this holiday season, I take a moment to focus on three things:

– my family.

– my friends.

– my faith,

Happy Thanksgiving, all!