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Blatantly begging for attention

All right ya’ll. I’m here to confess. It’s my birthday, and I want attention. I want the world to go, “Hey! Happy Birthday! You rock!” even if in the grand scheme of the world, its a minor thing. Because for me, its a big deal. It’s my birthday. And I am now 30.

As if this post isn’t a blatant attempt to invite lurkers to comment beg birthday wishes, I’ve given plenty of heads up to everyone this year. Specifically here, here, here and here. On top of this, I’ve declared this my birthday WEEK since it lands on a Wednesday.

I got a card yesterday in the mail in which my friend told me to, “Party like its 1914!” (Love that girl… she never fails to crack me up. You gotta have that kind of friend in your life.) And, well, I guess you could say I AM going to party like its 1914. We’re keeping it simple. Dinner out with my parents and husband, and then watching the CMAs on TV. I am fully prepared to throw things at the TV, but I still can’t wait to watch and root for my friends.

So there you have it. My birthday plans. I promise to go back to your regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow. For now… send me good wishes. *nods* I encourage that kind of behavior.

*Scheduled this to post at the time I was born. :)

Looking back at my 20s

30 Bound

I turn 30 tomorrow. I’m not bothered by that fact. I’ve actually looked forward to my 30s. For years, my gut has told me that my 30s will be the best years for me, so I embrace my third decade with open arms.

However, upon embracing my 30s, I thought I’d take a moment to look back at my 20s. Hit the highlights:

20: Started my years at Texas A&M University. Met the guy I’d eventually marry. The twin towers fell in New York. I became an aunt for the second time when my niece was born.

21: Legal to drink, of course. Started working at The Battalion. Visited Nashville.

22: Lost my last remaining grandparent. Wrecked my truck in a stupid accident. Quit The Battalion. Saw my first music video taped. Graduated from Texas A&M. Got Sully.  Took some time off due to serious burnout.

23: Bartending class. Started work at Marlin Democrat, and all the interesting things that brought along. Lots of concert travels.

24: Super emotional year of life! We will just leave it at that. Did a lot of growing emotionally.

25: Flew to Atlanta, then drove to Nashville to attend a wedding with Craig. Quit my job at the Democrat. Visited Oregon for the first time. Got engaged. Went to Hawaii. Moved to Nashville.

26: Got married. Trip to Oregon just to visit. Moved into our house. Started at the Dog House.

27: Adopted Bailey. Let the job juggling begin for hubby. Lots of house guests. Matron of honor in my maid of honor’s wedding. Christmas in Texas.

28: Christmas in Oregon. Project 365. Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. My brother & family visit. 10 year class reunion. Got my bartending license in  Nashville. Trying to make it through life one day at a time.

29: Christmas in Texas. Much of the beginning of the year in Texas to work. Nashville flood. Stride & Ride at Cowboys Stadium. Decided to focus my attention towards writing. Lost Sully. Still taking it a day at a time. Chugging towards 30.

No idea what to expect for sure out of my 30s. My goals include starting a family, finding financial stability, and having my writing and photography really take off. All of which are reasonable and attainable goals. All of which are goals I WILL attain.

I’m ready. Bring it on!