Photo Share: July 28 – August 25

photosharebuttonPhoto Share is my personal replacement for Weekly Winners, since that link exchange is no longer happening. It’s just my own challenge to take great photos through the week, as it gives me a venue to share some of them on this blog. Consider it my own little P.S. on the week before.

Photos this week taken with my Sony DSLR A230 or Canon EOS Rebel T3. Edited using Lightroom 3… or using my Droid Razr and Instagram. You can probably figure out which is which.

How has it been a month since I did this!? YIKES!



I see... me!

260: Bless this home

261: Gladiolus

265: So still

Country Music Hall of Fame exhibits

268: Frist

269: October Hill

271: Tip please

273: Holding hands

275: Shot glasses

Looking for meteors

Cuestion Tequila

281: Heart and keys

284: Wilson County Fair 2013

Wilson County Fair 2013

Wilson County Fair 2013

Wilson County Fair 2013

Wilson County Fair 2013

Wilson County Fair 2013


Five on Friday: Five things I did today

1. Took my husband to work. Off on the big maroon country music your bus… another weekend and show to do.

2. Ate dinner using chopsticks. This was a big deal. I’ve never been able to do it before!


3. Revived my job of slinging hot dogs for a night. Don’t diss anyone making a living serving hot dogs. Bet they make good money and have a lot less stress in their life!

4. Didn’t slap a guy that asked if Shiner Bock is a cider. I mean. Really.

5. Wanted to know how YOU are doing. Tell me!


The wife of a touring musician tells it like she sees it…

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