CMA Fest wrap

Country Music FansSunday night, a co-worker and I walked up to Starbucks to grab a coffee before we started our last night of CMA Fest work. We met a couple of young women also going for coffee before heading to LP Field for the final night of concerts. The girls asked us if we hated the week and all the people converging on the city. Without missing a beat, we both went, “No! We love it!”

And its true. We do.

Oh I stress over parking and the fact that so many roads are closed downtown. I worry we’ll get overwhelmed and not be able to handle the volume of drinkers. I grumble a bit that I have to leave a minimum of 10 minutes early to get anywhere on time. But deep down, I love it.

I love showing off my city. I love music, and I love seeing others love music. Tourists in town for CMA Fest are also some of the most amusing to people watch. Oh, don’t think of us as mean for that! You, too, you chuckle if people came to your town and tried to “dress the part” and overshot in their mission. Think Marty McFly in Back to the Future III only with glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

The money brought in from out of town is also wonderful. The music is what keeps this city alive. (And its too bad many don’t realize that. Its a rant for another day.) Country music fans coming in from all around the world in that one week keep this city afloat year-to-year. And for that, I am forever grateful.

But more than all of that… ALL of that… I love the people. I have people I consider dear friends all over the country — all over the world! — that I may only see once a year, but who are still dear souls to me in my heart. I look forward to see them year after year, getting to catch up and laugh and hug tightly. I joked I’ve been doing this a long time when I can tell you what a bunch of Australians I see once a year drink without hesitation. But I could! And let me tell you, Australians are some of my favorite “tourists” ever.

Another year is in the books, and I am already looking forward to next year!

Making it happen Monday: Power of persuasion

The other night, my cat walked into the kitchen, sat down and started mewing. I knew what he wanted. He wanted some catnip. We put it on a scratching pad on the kitchen floor, so if any spills its easy to sweep up. My cat was sitting right where we give them catnip, so there was no doubt what he was begging to be given.

I tried to ignore him. But he was relentless. Until I finally gave in and gave him the catnip.

Then it hit me. He got what he wanted. The squeaky wheel gets the grease… the mewing cat gets the catnip.

When you want something, you have to be relentless in that want. Be the squeaky wheel. Be the mewing cat. If you want something bad enough, you just have to keep trying. Keep asking. Keep working. Keep on keepin’ on.

Now, it does take some finesse. If you want a meeting with your boss to ask for a raise, don’t be the mewing cat and call his office incessantly to get that meeting. You might find yourself with a pink slip instead of a raise in your next paycheck! But you still need to be firm and give the boss plenty of reasons you deserve that raise. Can’t get a meeting? Send an email, or talk to the next person in line that could make that raise happen. Or if you can’t get a raise where you are, start looking for a job that is a step up. Be relentless… but also be smart about it as well. Do what you have to do.

The best way to persuade people is to show them what you want and why its a good thing for you to have it. In a round about way… you make it their idea. (Because, lets face it, no one can make anyone else do something short of torture and blackmail and last I checked that was illegal.)

That mewing cat? I could have just kept ignoring him and walked away. In the end, he persuaded me that the best way to get peace and quiet back in my house was to give him catnip.

Persuasion. That’s one way you can me making it happen this Monday.


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