A little bit of then, now

Last night, my parents and I traveled to Houston, TX to see my husband do a show at a dance hall. It had been a long time since I’d set foot in a real dance hall.

 Joe Diffie at Tumbleweed Texas

As we walked in the doors, I had this strange sense of going back in time. I was transported years, remembering many shows at Texas dance halls to see my now-husband doing shows. The last several years, I’ve only seen my husband perform in theaters or at festivals. A club or dance hall… its been at least three years.

I almost forgot the charm and vibe of a Texas dance hall. Its seriously something special, and walking in felt a little weird. But it also felt like pulling on a comfortable old pair of boots.

Joe Diffie at Tumbleweed Texas

I found myself remembering (and missing) dancing with my girlfriends. I did get to sneak a couple dances with my husband at least, which was SUCH a treat. And getting to spend the evening with my parents… always priceless memories and times that I love.


The show was great, and I found myself walking the line between being there as a music fan and being there as part of the crew. I enjoyed the show, but I also watched the crowd. I held my breath when the new single was performed, hoping for a positive reaction. But I also sang along, since I absolutely love it myself.

Joe Diffie at Tumbleweed Texas
But of course, I was there for one guy. It doesn’t matter the artist. It doesn’t matter how many years we’re married. I’m his biggest fan, and I’ll come to as many shows as I can to support him and see him do his thing.

It’s fun, and sometimes we get wrapped up in paying bills, making appointments, doing the job. Sometimes you gotta remember and take a little bit of back when and bring it into now.

Five on Friday: This trip to Texas

This week has flown by… just like I knew it would.

1. Dental work is in a good place, and there’s actually some exciting stuff in the works. Looking at a little cosmetic work that wasn’t even on my radar! I’m curious to see what happens and where this goes.

2. Business meetings have been awesome. Going back to Nashville with a LOT of work to do… and I love that!

3. My brother’s family’s pets amuse me so. My niece’s cat has finally let me pet her, and their dogs make me wish I had a dog!


4. Got to eat at some of my favorite places in the area already. You know you gotta get good food when the opportunity presents itself!

5. It’s hot. Really hot. But its a Texas hot and somehow I handle that way better than a Nashville hot.


The wife of a touring musician tells it like she sees it…

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