Five on Friday :: March 13, 2015

I got slightly riled up this week (again) when someone made a dig about Nashville killing country music. Why? Because there is still lots of great country music being made in Nashville today… its just not on the radio. So here I bring you five songs I think should be on radio RIGHT NOW.


1. Route 5 Box 109 – Joe Diffie  :: I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it on Joe’s bluegrass album released in 2010. I told everyone about this song. I hoped so much it would be released to country radio. SO WHAT if its bluegrass. Its a good song. No, its a GREAT song. Period. Close your eyes. Listen to the lyrics. And you absolutely can’t tell me you that you don’t go on a trip to a simpler time and place. Now that’s country, y’all.

2. More Afraid of Livin’ – David Adam Byrnes :: The fact that this song isn’t on the radio is a crime. A CRIME. The first time I heard this song just acoustically done on stage it stopped me in my tracks. It captured me and would NOT let me go. Those lyrics… just… If I said I’m not scared,  I’d be lying. I’m just more afraid of livin’ than dyin’. THAT’S powerful. And the way David delivers it like he’s living that feeling right now with his thick southern accent its just as country as it gets. And if you don’t just fall in love with this song and this guy’s voice… well… you might want to turn in your country card immediately.

3. Where Have You Been – Brad Anderson :: I can’t even begin to tell you why I love this song so much. Brad has a ton of great music, but somehow when he performs this song it just shuts me up and makes me pay attention. Maybe its the raw pain in Brad’s voice when he sings the song. Maybe its the fact its an amazing, amazing love song. I missed you so much, where have you been? This song just… the power of heartbreak, hope, love and forgiveness… Maybe we need more of that on the radio and less booty shaking one night stands, huh?

4. Mexico – Matt Willis :: Like Brad, Matt has a ton of songs that I absolutely love. But this one is the one I find myself hitting repeat on over and over and over again when I listen to his album. Often cranking it to 10 and getting lost in the lyrics. Matt sings it in such a way you find yourself in the moment with him. It takes a total different take on a break-up song that what usually hear. It’s not a party song. It’s not a revenge song.  It’s refreshing, and it needs to be on the radio. Right now.

5. Good Side of this Bar – Chuck Courtenay :: This song is personal. I’ll be honest, I can’t listen to it any more without tearing up. Because it was written about The Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar. And I’m quickly finding I’m having a harder time with its closing than I expected I’d have. Three months since we closed those doors for the last time, and I’m missing that place more than ever. But this song needs to be on the radio. For one, its just a GREAT song. For two, I think people should know about the Fiddle. It’s legacy and 18 years of success should not be lost to a hotel and developers. It was a beloved bar of many, and it launched careers. That belongs on the radio.

6. Entertaining Angels – Mark Wills :: (Hey its MY blog and if I want to do more than five I can.) But this song goes very close to the previous song, because the first time I heard it, it reminded me of the Fiddle & Steel. But beyond that, its just a REALLY REALLY REALLY AMAZING SONG that has to be on this list. And the more I listen to it, the more it reminds me of my life in general. It tells a story. It has a message. You used to find this on country radio… it needs to come back to it.  There was no tall white steeple or big stain glassed cathedral, just ordinary people sharin’ life and tellin’ jokes, trying to find a little hope…

Speaker@LowHappy listening, y’all!


#WomensLives :: In business

059: Hard at workEvery year, I come down to Texas to help my parents in their tax return preparation business. In the past, I would at times meet with clients myself when they’d come in and drop off or pick up their work. The last couple of years, though, I’m happily tucked in the back of the office just putting files in order. My incognito location allows me the freedom to observe human nature, and over the last few days I’ve found myself honing in on fellow women and their demeanor as they come to our office.

And I’ve found something very alarming: I find myself tensing up when another woman walks in the building.

Every job I’ve had out in the workforce, I’ve had a female boss. And its always, on a whole, gone well! So I know I can work with other women. I work better, I think, with women than I do with men. I embrace other women in business. I cheer for them.

I also find myself dreading them. And I absolutely hate that fact.

Many women who walk into our office have no clue what goes into their finances and absolutely no interest in knowing.

They’re women whose husbands have done all the finances for years. Many of these women are widows, and they don’t know which way to turn.  There is the mute wife, who stands by while her husband runs the show. Sometimes I don’t even know the wife was there because they never say a word.

Others are super busy women  that show up with a box full of every receipt they got over the last year, and they want someone else to organize it and make sense of it. They give it to us in chaos and they expect it back in order.

Then… then there’s the women that leave us all beaten down at the end of the day, wondering why we bother to be in business anymore. This is the woman who is always right. This is the woman who knows your job better than you do. This is the women who will speak down to you and belittle you at the drop of a hat. This is the woman who would rather find SOMETHING you did wrong than to admit she might have been wrong herself.

Now, before I go any further, this issue is not really only a woman-thing. We have plenty of men we deal with who will act the same way. I’ve just noticed, though, that this trait tends to be more women-centric.

But its the confident business woman who is a breath of fresh air. She relaxes my tensed up muscles with a smile and respectful conversation. She makes me smile as well and WANT to work with her. She asks questions when she doesn’t know something, and she will happily and respectfully inform you of things you need to know.

I recently read several articles about the traits of successful women. The ones that rang the most true to me:

– Successful women know they aren’t perfect, nor do they expect perfection. But they work to the best of their abilities and ask that of others. They know we all have our strengths and they work those strengths for the betterment of everyone involved.

– They know failure does not mean its the end game. It means its time to change course and try another way. Failure is as much a part of life as success.

– They praise and celebrate others successes. They are just as comfortable taking a backseat to any project as they are taking the lead on it. They say thank you. They nurture and grow relationships — professionally as well as personally.

-They know they aren’t going to please everyone. Ever. They know employees aren’t (necessarily) friends. They aren’t afraid to say, “No.”

– They believe in themselves. We’re our own worst critic, but we should also be our own biggest cheerleader.

– They aren’t afraid to ask questions. They know that sometimes you have to “look dumb” for a minute to become wiser.

I’m sure many women have opinions as to what traits makes a women successful, and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. Tell me more… lets be part of the conversation empowering women in a positive way.

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Five on Friday :: February 27, 2015

I wrote a stream of consciousness blog post on my flight on Wednesday. Complete with photos. And my WordPress app on my iPad ate the post. Poof. Gone. No coming back. So here are the five photos that I had for that post, with a little bit of context thrown in so I don’t feel like my time spent writing a few days ago was for nothing.



10986000_1570870786495150_1528784242_n (2)
Ready for take-off… Skipper, Starbucks and Southwest


Bye Nashville… see ya in a few weeks!



Chasing sunlight... never to catch it.
Chasing sunlight… never to catch it.



See... I really was writing a blog post on the plane. Sipping a Chai Tea Latte. I should have had a double shot of espresso instead...
See… I really was writing a blog post on the plane. Sipping a Chai Tea Latte. I should have had a double shot of espresso instead…



Welcome to ATX!
Welcome to ATX!


Wooly-Hat@LowHave a great weekend!


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