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My 1000th blog post

1000 blog posts. WOW.

I’ve been writing this blog, off and on, since 2007. I always aim to be far more diligent about posting, but life just gets in the way. Right now, even sleep has gotten sacrificed in a fit of just trying to get it all done! However, I’m thankful for this blog and for my readers. Here’s to over 1000 more posts… in less than 7 years time.

295: Keyboard

A few of my favorite posts through the years:

Why I blog

295: KeyboardI blog because…

… I love to write. I have often said I would love to write a book someday. I even had my heart set on writing the definitive book on the history of Printer’s Alley. (I still might do it.) But I also have a somewhat short attention span. I think that’s partly why I’ve grown to love photography. Instant gratification. Blogging is that for me as well. I can pour my heart into a subject and share it with he masses immediately with the click of the word “Publish.”

… I have something to say. I have all these words, stories and opinions in my head. And I want to share them. Whether anyone cares or not I don’t know. I’d like to say whether anyone cares doesn’t really matter to me, but deep, deep down it does. I hope what I say matters to someone. Anyone.

… I want to reach people. I’m finding I have a true passion for helping others. (This will be a post all it’s own someday.) And maybe, just maybe, through my blog I can make a difference to someone. Make them see something differently. Give them the courage to do so something they otherwise wouldn’t. Or maybe even just make them smile.

… There is money to be made writing. I do not write this blog for the money per se, but it is nice to make a little extra money here and there. Buys me a few cups of coffee, which makes me happy.

… To keep in touch with friends and family. My blog is not just about one topic. It’s not reviews only, nor photos only. It’s not about travel, booze nor fashion. It is life in general. And it helps me tell my tales and thoughts to family and friends all at once and hopefully keep in touch a little bit that way. Especially since I live 800+ miles from most of them.

… Because it makes me happy.