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Things that bring me joy

imageYesterday, I took the picture on the right and posted it on Twitter with the caption that these are three things that bring me joy: My husband, coffee and Texas A&M University.

I think asked my followers for three things that make them happy. I only got a few responses, but they were all great!

They were:

@niseag03 My camera, my characters (writing), my family. #joy

@niseag03 Max, Chris, and leaves on the trees again. :)

@niseag03 Cupcakes. My dog. And vacations.

LOVE all of those answers!

As I finished my work day, I kept chewing on my own answer. Things that bring me joy. Just thinking about it brought me joy!!

So I have to share even more things that bring me joy… I can never list ALL the things, but I can sure as heck list more than three!

65 Things that Bring me Joy (In no particular order and certainly not a complete list!)

  1. My husband
  2. Coffee
  3. Texas A&M
  4. My parents
  5. All of my family
  6. My nephew’s determination
  7. That message I saved on my phone where my niece says she loves me
  8. Dr. Pepper
  9. Texas
  10. Nashville
  11. Music
  12. Sunshine
  13. My cat
  14. God
  15. Rainfall
  16. Cooking
  17. Writing
  18. Photography
  19. My friends
  20. Babies
  21. Weddings
  22. Pedicures
  23. Fields
  24. Lakes
  25. Taking a drive in the country
  26. Facebook
  27. Laughter
  28. Seeing others find their joy
  29. Page design
  30. Pasta
  31. Beer
  32. The Grand Ole Opry
  33. My life
  34. Flying
  35. Cameron Yoemen
  36. Peanut Butter
  37. Chocolate
  38. Twitter
  39. Holidays
  40. Reading
  41. Helping others
  42. A job well done
  43. History
  44. My truck
  45. My degree
  46. Pizza
  47. Aggie Muster
  48. Words With Friends
  49. Bluebonnets
  50. Sushi
  51. Toe socks
  52. Blogging
  53. Cookies
  54. Being responsible
  55. My cowboy boots
  56. Snow
  57. Barbecue
  58. My wedding ring
  59. Printer’s Alley
  60. Getting a letter in the mail
  61. Flowers
  62. Concerts
  63. Aggieland
  64. Red roses
  65. Love

Now it’s your turn… what are some of the things that bring YOU joy.