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Simplifying your last-minute stocking stuffer purchases

I have to confess something: I’ve been too busy to do any serious Christmas shopping. I’ve picked up gifts here and there, and I’ve made a few gifts. However, its been on-line shopping that’s made the biggest (and most exciting) dents in my shopping list. Not only have I found some fun items online, I’ve also found some crazy good deals.

P&G eStore is one of those sites with great deals and a wide array of products that will help you take care of your last-minute shopping needs — especially those fun stocking stuffers! Now, my family likes to give useful items in our stockings. Its the “practical” and “random” section of our gift giving traditions.

pgcovergirlSo for example, an item I would love to see in my stocking is a tube of CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara. In black, please.

I’ve been a CoverGirl user since high school, and if there is any part of my make-up routine that is a must-do, its my eye make-up. I might not have time to do a full-fledged eyeliner, eye shadow, curl the lashes, etc. thing, but I’ve found that a quick swipe of CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara helps me feel made-up and more confident on even the most hectic of days.

If you’re not a CoverGirl user, P&G has great items from Olay, Duracell, Oral-B, and Braun. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Now, here is the really, really cool part. The deals being offered on the P&G eStore.

15% off on a first-time order from a new customer, using promo code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA

Free Shipping on orders over $25

Free Samples with every order.

All of those great deals are available to you right there online through the P&G eStore… “But wait! There’s more!”  Yeah, I said it. But. There is. P&G has also made available coupons right on the site for you to apply to some of your purchases. At least while supplies last.

So, continuing to use the mascara as an example… when you visit the mascara page, you’ll see something like the following:


Just click that box, put the item in your cart, and the coupon is automatically added (while supplies last, of course)! It is THAT simple. No clipping coupons. No carrying them into the drug store. No digging through the rows and rows of items, trying to find just that right item. It’s all at the tip of your mouse pointer. Click, order, save. Suddenly your stocking stuffer shopping is DONE.

Go check it out!

Because it gives me a boost


After my shower today, I carefully dried my hair in sections. Making sure every strand laid down straight. My usual quick five-minute hair dry replaced by a fifteen minute project.

When I was done, I pulled out the flat iron and as it warmed up I went to pick out my outfit. I carefully chose each piece, making sure it was equal parts flattering and functional.

I then went and carefully ran the flat iron over my already-straight tresses. It brought a shine to each strand, and it took out all the frizzies that just seem to hang around all the time in the winter.

Then it was time for make-up. Foundation and powder. Eye shadow and mascara. Lipstick and a thin layer of gloss.

Perfect. I was ready.

I walked into my office and sat down at the laptop to work. I had no plans outside of going to the grocery store for milk, hamburger meat, and ant traps. But I decided to take the extra steps today because it just gives me a boost. Plus, my husband was off at a meeting… I thought I’d surprise him by not just being in sweats and a t-shirt like I’d been in a lot lately.

Oh lazy days are wonderful. We all need days when we don’t get out of our PJs all day. But you can’t have days like that all the time. If you work at home, like I do, its easy to fall into that PJ rut. It’s easy to fall into pony tails and toe socks. But, we go out of our way to look good for others… why not look good for ourselves? Why not look good for our family? Why not show the world we are proud of who we are, even when the only “person” we may see is our cat that day?

It will make you appreciate PJ days as something to enjoy, not as everyday wear. It will help you focus. It will make you happier.