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#DrinkUpLinkUp — Rivertown Pumpkin Ale

I’m doing my entry for #DrinkUpLinkUp a day late, because of Thanksgiving here in the US. My husband and I went to celebrate and eat a feast with friends yesterday. As we made our way through to say hello to everyone, a friend said, “Hey I brought some beers… they’re out on the deck. Help yourself!”

Beer? Help yourself? Uhm. OK!

So I went, opened the cooler and right on top, I knew I’d found my week’s review:

 Pumpkin Ale


I’d never heard of Rivertown Brewing Company, but I know I love pumpkin ales. So I grabbed it, popped the top and enjoyed. Nothing says Thanksgiving to me like pumpkin goodness!

Now, I drank it straight out of the bottle, so I can’t say anything about color, etc. I can say that I am certain it would have tasted more balanced had I grabbed a glass.

I liked it! It was actually perfect for what I had it as: a pre-dinner drink. It didn’t overwhelm my palette with spices, and at 5% ABV it had a little more kick than the beers I noticed others sipping (Michelob Ultra, Coors Light, etc.). It was certainly a pumpkin ale, which fit the mood of the day, but it wasn’t overtly so… which, as I said, it fit what I was drinking it as. If I’d been drinking it strictly for the beer angle, I’d have probably said, “Average.” But every beer has its place, and I think I had this beer at its perfect place and time.

As I said, I wish I’d grabbed a glass. As I got to the bottom of the bottle, the spices got stronger and I found myself swirling the bottle between drinks to help mix it all up. (Think like you’d pour a hefeweizen to get more of the yeast out of the bottom of the bottle.) Had I poured it into a glass, this wouldn’t have been an issue.


#DrinkUpLinkUp — Blackstone Pumpkin Ale

It’s Thirsty Thursday, and I’m participating for the first time in The Purple Giraffe‘s “Drink Up Link Up.” I was introduced to it last week thanks to Twitter and immediately went, “That’s right up my alley!”

(No really, I literally tweeted that.)

So with much thought and care, I chose my first brew for the challenge of featuring an “adult beverage” of my choice. Oh okay, I picked the last beer we had left in the fridge, but its still a good one!

I introduce to you Blackstone Pumpkin Ale!

Blackstone is this awesome brewery right here in Nashville, and I love supporting local shops/stores/breweries. As a bonus, I love fall seasonals.

A lot of people did a Sober October. Well, I think I gained all the weight those participating lost, because I upped my beer consumption a bit due to all the amazing beers out right now.

Blackstone Pumpkin Ale was one of our fall seasonal splurges. I really liked it! Just enough pumpkin flavor without being overbearing. Its rare, but I HAVE had a few pumpkin ales that left me reaching for water to cleanse my palate after being assaulted with all those strong fall spices. This… this one I like!

NOTE: According to the Blackstone Facebook page, their distributor is out of Pumpkin Ale. So this fall seasonal is ending its run as the last six packs are sold off the shelves.