Baby steps, professionally

I bought a domain name tonight.

My husband is asleep and unaware. I did ask him if I could, though! He didn’t say no…

I have a photography domain name. Things are getting real now. Not that the photo shoots and CD covers weren’t already real! And the upcoming wedding this year isn’t real. They all are very real!

But with the purchase, I’m saying, “This is me. I’m a photographer. Here is what I do. Won’t you hire me?”

Well, okay, with this purchase I am on my way to saying that. I have to, you know, actually build a site and say that. But baby steps! Baby steps, people!

I’m excited! SO excited. Scared, too, but most excited. I’m on my way! Slow, but I’m on my way!

2 thoughts on “Baby steps, professionally”

  1. Baby steps! Yes or one “Big Step” towards make all this happen. Either way you look at it I’m so proud of you for making this step. I know that you are doing the right thing. We are here to support you all the way. Good luck to you! May God Bless You!! Love you!!

    1. Thank you! I am trying to stay very realistic in where I am in the grand scheme of things, but I also need to not sell myself short. Its a fine line I am walking…

      Your support means the world to me! THANK YOU!!!! LOVE YOU!

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