Photo Share :: Dec. 4, 2016

Years ago, I stumbled upon a blog link up featuring a blogger’s best photos of the week. Weekly Winners, brought to the blogosphere by Lotus, quickly became something I loved. It allowed me to “meet” many other bloggers and photographers, many of whom I still consider friends today thanks to Facebook & Twitter.

After Lotus hung up her Weekly Winners link-up, I continued the tradition with my own weekly photo share. The lack of feedback and camaraderie, however, took some of the fun away for me and I eventually drifted away from it myself.

Today, I look to revive my weekly photo sharing. Not necessarily for the feedback, but for my own personal need to just keep snapping photos.

Since its been so long since I did one of these, I had an extremely hard time deciding where to start. So I’ve chosen some of my favorite photos from the last six months… yes, this one post will be overloaded with photos, but in coming weeks I’ll focus on strictly the 7 days prior. For now, though, a few photos that have helped me “rekindle my love for photography.”


I kick off my P.S. with a few photos from a wedding I helped shoot with Moments by Moser Photography.  It was my first time working as a second shooter, and I was more than a little terrified going into it. I ended up LOVING every single second. This group was amazing to work with, and they made my job fun and easy. I cant thank them, or Bev, enough. I definitely hope more weddings are in my future!




I suppose you could say I love still life and landscape photos. They’re probably my favorite and where I would say my “expertise” lies… if I can even dare say I have any sort of photography expertise yet.








I’m starting to learn how to photograph people better. Oh, I’ve had several engagement and family shoots that have left me understanding when photographers say, “I just LOVE this couple!” or “I just LOVE this family!” Because after spending time taking photos of these individuals, you truly grow to love them. (Or, yes, in some cases hope they lose your number. LOL!! But thankfully that’s a VERY rare occurrence.) But I will say I’ve often felt this is where my weakness as a photographer falls. I very much prefer the photojournalistic approach. Posing people stresses me out at times, but I’m getting better…




These next two are from an event I was covering for Bev… I was pretty down on myself about my work on it for awhile, but when I re-visit the photos I find myself quite proud of them. Especially the posed group photo. It was one of the first time I truly went, “You do this. You go here.” And the end result was something I was personally happy with…



Finally, I would be very remiss to leave this one last photo out. A timer photo taken at Thanksgiving of my family… my biggest supporters in all that I do. So much love in this one image.


Have a great week, everyone! Take time to look around and enjoy the beauty around you, no matter how dreary the day may seem.