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Five on Friday: Stressors

So this week has just been… kinda stressful. But what else is new? ha!

1. My computer decided to threaten to go belly-up today:


Five hours. FIVE HOURS it took to do this CHKDSK. But it came back to life and its actually working better than it has in weeks. But just to be safe, I’m doing a major back-up tonight in case this is the calm before the major storm. #ihatetechnology

2. Money. But when isn’t it a stress for everyone? HA!

3. Fan Fair. I always stress about it as it approaches… then in the thick of it love it… then afterwards and so tired I’m almost dead. Ahhh… its June tomorrow.

4. Weather. My heart aches for Oklahoma who just can’t catch a break. I have been glued to Weather Channel all night, and weather just makes you feel so powerless.

5. Traffic. And parking. Always.


Five on Friday: The to do list

Can this week… or just this day… get more hectic?

SONY DSC1. Let’s just hit the nail on the head… my to do list actually has “Sleep” and “Remove nail polish” for today. Why? Because both are things I’m not sure when to fit in! Actually, I did get about 5 hours of sleep already. So theoretically, I should be okay. I’m just going to be one tired puppy by the end of today. Remove nail polish… well, most of its already chipped off. I only have two nails with polish left at this point. I’m not joking… It’s all chipped off except for two nails! This is unacceptable.

2. Slideshow. This should seriously be done already. But seeing as how I have nine million other projects on my plate, (Photo editing, CD designing, web-site building, you know… that stuff.) I guess its also amazing its as done as it is. And actually it would be complete, but I had a blonde moment and assumed I still had DVD-Rs laying around. Nope! I have to make a mad dash to the store for them this afternoon, then pray it all burns properly to be used… TONIGHT.

3. Clean… my sister-in-law will be in town tomorrow. I know we’re hoping she can come by and see our house. The problem is, her visit lands right at the end of two of the busiest weeks I’ve had in awhile. I’m trying to clean the house, but with time being a major factor I might go, “So… imagine what it looks like clean, because I just ain’t got time for that right now.” (A week from now? Not an issue. This place would sparkle. Tomorrow? It’s not looking too promising.)

4. Windshield. So storms Tuesday decided to take out my windshield in my truck. I should really make this a post all its own. I know this is NOTHING compared to what people in Oklahoma are going through. I know this. But it was still a major source of stress for me. Especially after finding out my deductible on my comprehensive auto insurance is higher than the cost of the replacement. So insurance said, “LOL SORRY GOOD LUCK.”  But then proceeded to tell us we were obligated to use a specific shop since we use them as an insurance. Uhm. No. We aren’t. You can’t tell us that. Especially when the shop you want me to use has terrible reviews and pages on pages of complaints on Pissed Consumer. So we found a local shop with glowing reviews. And instead of waiting until Tuesday (as we’d have had to do with the shop our insurance said we were “obligated” to use)… its already been replaced.


5. Blog post. Oh hey look… done. So, maybe my to do list is slowly shortening after all!  Have a great weekend, everyone!