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Five on Friday: Things I will not apologize for



1. I love coffee. I’ve finally 100% embraced this and refuse to apologize for it. Some people go get pedicures. Some people love massages. Some just go shop for whatever. MY “get away” is to get a good cup of coffee. It’s just my thing, and I love to share Instagrams from my coffee breaks. Sorry… not sorry.


2. I am a Christian. Even more specifically, I am a Catholic. Somewhere along the way, this became a bad thing? At least that’s the vibe I’ve been getting lately from media. It’s no longer in fashion to be a Christian. In fact, if you’re a Christian you’re probably a conservative idiot who hates everyone that doesn’t see your way. I mean, that’s pretty much is what I’ve been getting from the chatter and noise in the media. (See my blog post from a few days ago.)  Am I exaggerating? Yes, of course I am. I know this. But you know what? Sorry, not sorry. I’m a Christian, and I’m not going to deny God. If you decide to dismiss me and judge me on that then… well. That’s fine. But you’re missing out on knowing a pretty cool lady. :)


3. I like to take selfies and pictures of my cats and post them to Instagram. Cliché as hell, and I know it. But its not the only pictures I post. I just happen to be guilty-as-charged that I take these types of photos and… sorry! Not sorry! Going to just keep taking them as I wish.


4. I am a driving snob. I like going through old posts via the app Timehop. And I’ve found I rant about drivers a LOT. Usually has to do with lack of turn signal use, blowing off yield signs, texting while driving, cutting people off, and tailgating or driving way below the speed limit. Oh and just cruising down the turn lane. Look, I make my mistakes while driving. I’m not perfect. But when I see someone blatantly blow off basic driving laws… I get pissed off. Because vehicles are not toys. They kill people. So… sorry, not sorry. I take driving very seriously, and I really wish others did, too.


5. I am an Aggie. Not an Aggie fan. An Aggie. There is a difference. I don’t stand proud of Texas A&M University based only on the football team. I don’t wave my Aggie flag as just a fan. I have my degree on the wall, and my ring on my finger. Bash my school based on football, you’ll get an ear full. I’m proud of the education my school offers, the research its doing constantly, it’s sports — all sports — successes, and that impossible to explain family feel that you get as an Aggie. So, sorry, not sorry if I quickly correct you when you say, “Oh you’re an Aggie fan.” No, I AM an Aggie. There is a huge difference.


Five on Friday: Things I received in my #GoVoxBox



Received my first VoxBox from Influenster! Couldn’t have come at a better time, nor could it have been a better topic: being on the Go! Here are some of the complementary goodies I got in my #GoVoxBox for testing purposes.


VoxBox11. From Aqua Spa, I received Body Creme in Lavender + Chamomile scent.

This stuff is absolutely AWESOME. First, I love the combination of lavender and chamomile. SO relaxing. I used to have a linen spray in that combination that I had to use very sparingly, because it would knock me out and I’d sleep through my alarm! I haven’t had that in awhile, and it was such a treat to find this body creme in my box. An extra bonus is that its not greasy at all. It’s nice a thick and does the job wonderfully! Makes me smell great, relaxes me and makes my skin super happy again.


@AquaSpaBath / #RelaxwithAquaSpa



VoxBox22. Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake, including the shaker cup!

True story here. This last Monday, I had to get up and head straight out of the house to pick up my husband from the bus. I got up, got dressed, put in my contact lenses and then… my tummy growled. I grabbed my new shaker cup and the chocolate Fit N Full Protein Shake. I read the directions, put everything in the cup and proceeded to shake it all up as I grabbed my purse and keys and headed out to the truck. I had no idea what to expect and was VERY pleasantly surprised by how yummy it was!! Great little meal replacement and it kept me going while I helped off-load the trailer, and then didn’t get lunch for another two hours. I was doing great! I’m a big fan already… can’t wait to try the vanilla and berries flavors!

@VitaminShoppe / #NextStep


VoxBox33. Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored Almonds.

So I haven’t tried these yet. Saving them to take to work on Saturday night. But I know almonds are an excellent snack item, and I love Blueberries. So this should be win-win!

At the bar, I often end up having to go grab a bad of chips when I get hungry. Something fast that I can sneak in between orders. Sometimes I try to remember to bring some granola or trail mix… anything to keep me from greasy chips and candy bars.

Hopefully this freebie will help me acknowledge another option to snack on during a busy night behind the bar.

@BlueDiamond/ #GetYourGoodGoing



VoxBox44. A two-fer here since they are both from Profoot Care. Now this… this is something that arrived at the PERFECT time.

The next two weeks I’m going to be on my feet a lot. Filling in for co-workers, and then CMA Fest means I’m going to be working 12 of the next 17 days. 8-5ers are rolling their eyes at me… but that’s 8+ hours on my feet non-stop all those days. By the end of this run, my feet will be royally pissed off at me. The Profoot Triad Orthodic should help curb that a lot, and the Profoot Pedi Rock will help soothe things after the fact. I’m quite excited about these!

@Profoot_Inc / #GoProFoot


VoxBox55. Muller Quaker sent a voucher for a free Mueller Yogurt Product.

I’m super excited about this on as I’m going to need more breakfast and snack options coming up. I’m going to do some serious healthy eating coming up so I keep feeling good through it all!

@MullerQuaker / #MullerQuaker

5.2. Playtex Sport and Gentle Glide sent me a box of Playtex Sport Fresh Balance.

Definitely will be handy to have these when all the fun happens to land during “that time of the month.” Especially as I eye some potential lake days coming up. Can’t let anything hold me back from the fun!

@Playtex_Sport / #PlayOn