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Making it happen Monday: Memorial Day

Taking a slightly different angle to Making it happen Monday this week. Focusing today on… today. Memorial Day.

If anyone can be credited it for “Making it happen,” its our military.

Nashville National Cemetery -- Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day has come to be viewed at the kick off to summer… as a day to go to the lake, barbecue, etc. (I plan to go out on a ride with my husband on the motorcycle at some point today, myself!) But its more importantly about our military casualties.

Thousands (actually over a million) men and women have laid down their lives for this country — to make and/or keep the freedoms we take for granted every day. They’ve taken their orders, facing the possibility of death with fear but not hesitation, giving it all… laying it ALL on the line… to do what they had to do.

Today, I urge everyone to take a moment and think about our military who lost their lives. If you have a military cemetery near you, take a drive or a stroll through it. Let it sink in… let it really sink in.

201: Nashville National Cemetery -- Memorial Day 2011

I bet it really makes you look hard at your own life and what’s going on in this world today. Every time I visit the Nashville National Cemetery, I leave humbled but also motivated to do better. Motivated to grab the opportunities I have today thanks to those men and woman who fought to assure me the freedom to make my own decisions and chase my dreams.


Making it happen Monday: Blog planning

The last week, I focused on trying to come up with a blog plan that will help me stay motivated and organized. I have noticed many of the most successful blogs have a plan and stick to it… readers know what to expect day -to-day. I’m finding it helps the writer to know what to expect day-to-day, too!

Mondays are “Making it happen Monday.” I blogged on this last week.

Tuesdays are one of my open days. A day to write about absolutely anything I might be in the mood to talk about. It’ll be a place to review things, rant, share a funny story… anything!

Wednesdays, I’m off. Taking the day off… if I blog on Wednesday, there must be a very good reason!

Thursdays are the #DrinkUpLinkUp fun with the Purple Giraffe!

Friday is my random day with “Five on Friday.”

Saturday is another open topic day. This is the one day I’ll probably struggle the most to write… time-wise as well as motivation-wise. But I’m going to do my best!

Sunday is my Photo Share.

I’m actually enjoying already mapping out the weeks to come, using this schedule. It’s taken a lot of stress away and instead started to make it more fun. It’s all about making it happen!