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Making it Happen Monday: Embracing the future

It finally happened:


I’ve had my photography domain name for over two years, but I just never did anything with it. It was when someone would ask, “Do you have a site?” that I’d cringe.


It was an “out of sight, out of mind” thing. Plus, bartending pays well enough that it was easy to get complacent. I didn’t feel the need to pursue photo gigs. Now… Well, I’m not giving up bartending, but I also realize that I won’t be doing it forever. I have to start building my photography business to someday be full-time.

Understand, I am self-taught. Mostly. I do have my journalism degree and I’ve worked with design both for pay and for fun for years. I have a basic, educated idea of what makes a great photo. I did get a few crash courses from various photographers through the years as well. But on a whole… It’s all trial and error. Lots of errors. And a whole lot of passion.

I. Love. Photography.

Going into it, I don’t want to step on the toes of those who have devoted their education and life to photography! I’ve worried about that. A lot. But I like to think there is room for all of us and perhaps I can fill my own niche. And I’ll discover the niche through the years to come.

I invite everyone to check out my site and like my page on Facebook Perhaps some day I can do a shoot for you!