Photo Share :: Mar. 12, 2017

What a strange week this past week was! Between wacky weather everywhere, work, stress, fun and just life in general, all I can say is this week was weird.

And to top it all off, I hope everyone (in the US that it affects) remembered to move their clocks forward by an hour! Don’t be what comes in after the recessional hymn is sung.

A strange week means few photos, but I feel like the few photos I took were quality photos. I’ve been running with my 50 mm lately, remembering why I love that lens so much. In fact ALL of these photos this week are thanks to my nifty-50.

 064/365 : Country roads

 065/365 : Files

 067/365 : Good Fences

068/365 : Final performance

070/365 : Flight

Live Music at Texas Beer Co

And an orange wedge

Pouring smiles

Texas Beer Co