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A fresh start

Last week, I spent a day cleaning out a couple closets in my office. As I dug through boxes of just stuff, I found stacks of journals and diaries I wrote in through the years. I was reminded quickly how much I love to write… which is something I’ve just not been doing much of lately.

I wrote Musician’s Widow for 10 years. And it was what I needed it to be at that time. But over the last couple of years, I grew to feel confined by it. I started the blog with the original intention of it being about life married to a musician, with posts having a focus on that side of my life.

I never really followed that focus, but it was always in the back of my mind.

Since I started this blog, however, life has expanded for me. I’ve delved into so many different directions professionally, and personally I’ve just found myself laughing at the beautifully ridiculous nature of life. As such I no have come to longer really see the blog as the creative outlet I need.

As I stopped cleaning to read my words written at such a young age (some going back as far as fifth grade, others right in the middle of high school), I loved the freedom a journal gave me. No topic was off limits… I wrote for myself more than for an audience.

I wanted that again. So as often happens when I clean out closets, I found myself thinking clearer than I have in awhile. I remembered an old domain name I’d purchased years ago, but flat out never did anything with it. And it just felt right… Mattox Live was born.

That blog will be more like a journal, where no topic is off limit. I will be exploring where this blog goes right along with any readers I have.

What about Musician’s Widow? Well, its not going away any time soon. There’s some wonderful posts over here that I am so proud of having written! I can’t just say good bye to them or it. I’ll decide in time what happens with it… for right now it will probably stand more as an archive of the first 10 years of my life married to a musician. But I may still update here and there… but in the in between time…

Please check out and follow Mattox Live.


A milestone remembered

Huh. According to Timehop (an app I have a love/hate relationship with, because… man… memories can be wonderful or brutal) five years ago, I did my first paid photo gig. I’ve certainly come a long way since then! And I still have a long way to go.

I strive not to live life with regrets, but to instead look at mistakes as lessons learned. But I could certainly say I do regret not giving my photography more attention over the last five years. I would be so much further along if I had. But, to look at it as a lesson, I won’t drag my feet another five years.

That being said, I’ve spent much of the last week deep in thought on ways to advance my goals as a photographer without compromising other passions, such as this blog and other business interests. In the weeks to come, I do plan to make some changes, and I absolutely can’t wait to see this happen and to share it with all of you.

In the mean time, my Project 365 for 2017 is well underway! And as if it were a sign to keep moving forward, the Nashvillest is back up and running. This blog featured some of my photos well before I considered photography as anything more than a hobby. Their support really helped give me confidence… so go give them some love as well.