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Right now, as I type this, an awesome event is occurring at Texas A&M University. That event:


I’ve always believed the best way to fight hate is with love. Please, if you don’t take away anything else right now from this post, understand one thing: Richard Spencer was invited by an individual who rented out a public room on campus. He was NOT invited by the university itself.

The university, however, did organize Aggies United, celebrating the campus’s diversity. I love the statement made by Texas A&M President Michael K. Young. Take a moment and read it.

I’m not going to say A&M is perfect. I have no doubt there have been many who have felt out of place or treated badly on campus, because we are all an imperfect people.  But I am grateful for the core values that Texas A&M strives to instill in its students: excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service. And tonight, those values are on the big stage at Kyle Field. My heart is absolutely in College Station tonight.