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Four years ago

Four years ago my hair was in tight ringlets, with a tiara on top and a veil.

Four years ago I had McDonald’s for lunch, but barely touched my delicious barbecue supper.

Four years ago my cousin did my make-up, and my sister-in-law had to help me make sure my garter didn’t fall off.

Four years ago in the back of the church my dad said, “No tears.” And I replied, “No promises.”

Four years ago a soft rain fell as we stepped out of the church, and my new husband said it was his mom crying tears of joy.

Four years ago we cut the cake, posed for pictures and danced the night away.

Four years ago, my maid of honor and her future husband whisked us away in her new Explorer as confetti flew through he air.

Four years ago I married my best friend, surrounded by our friends and families in a little country church in Texas with a lot of my family’s history. It was a warm-for-January day on which memories were made of a new life together beginning.

I had always heard, “Love you more today than on the day we married.” Now, it is me saying it myself.

Happy Anniversary, honey!!!

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Today, 39 years ago, my parents got married.

My mom was 18. My dad was 20.

Mom had just graduated high school. My dad was attending Texas A&M.

All in the Family debuted that year. The Ed Sullivan Show aired its last episode. Apollo 14 & 15 landed on the moon. The Vietnam War was in full swing. Southwest Airlines began flying passengers between Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, FL. Top single of the year was “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night.

So few marriages make it 10 years today. They’ve been married 39 years and are going just as strong as ever. They work together both professionally and personally. They are each others best friend. They not only take those vows they said personally, they live them every single day. They still go on dates. Still hold hands. Still laugh together, cry together, and, yes, even bicker now and then. But its all a part of a strong marriage that I look up to and try to emulate in my own.

My parents are two of my best friends and role models. I couldn’t ask for better parents… I get a huge grin and have to agree when friends go, “You’re parents are SO COOL!” because, hey, they are!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!! I love you!!

My parents with their parents on their wedding day.Yes, Dad's eyes are closed. LOL