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You think it can’t happen

Two nights ago, my husband played at Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. This in and of itself is pretty mundane. Tonight, though, its noteworthy as today a storm hit the festival and the main stage collapsed. As of right now, one has been confirmed with 60 others hurt. Billy Currington was finishing his set when it happened.

When I heard the news, I was literally in shock for a moment. Because on certain levels you really think it just can’t… won’t… happen.

How many times has my husband told me about their being in tornado watches and warnings. Trying to outrun storms in the bus. Etc. And every time they seem to get out unscathed. You slowly start to build this feeling of invincibility. Then… it does happen. The storm hits. And even though my husband wasn’t there tonight, it still hit far too close to home. It could have very easily been him scrambling off that stage. I had to hear his voice after wards.

Beyond that, though, the music community (especially the Nashville music community) really is like a family. Think of it kind of like a family tree, with all these little families making it up. And a branch of that tree suffered a very close call tonight. I worry for them all out there, and I send a prayer up that they all make it back home to their families safely every run.

Sidebar: I also find myself thinking about gear and equipment. This would have been a good time to be using backline, no? haha  Not a time to laugh, but I admit, the thought crossed my mind. For musicians, their equipment is their livelihood… its like a computer is to a data entry specialist. They need it to do their jobs. Stage collapse can spell being sidelined in your line of work if your equipment is damaged in the event.

Like me, I’m sure there was that element of belief in everyone affected today that it just can’t happen. I guess this proved… it can and does happen. You just never know…

Article on the event:

A much needed vacation

WHEW! It’s been so long since I posted last. So much has gone on I’ve had to let this fall by the wayside for awhile.

My husband’s job has had him out on the road three times as much as he’s been home. I have to admit, its nice to not have to stress over bills as much now. I miss him like mad when he’s gone, but his time at home is extra sweet.

His being gone, though, can feed into some of my fears. I worry what I’d do if I had an emergency sometimes. I know I have a lot of friends I can call on, plus, my parents are only a two hour plane ride away. Still, I worry that something might happen and he not find out about it “in time.” I wonder to myself what all the possibilities are if that were to happen. I don’t dwell on it all the time, but it’s something that pops up now and then. Especially depending on what my frame of mind is on a given day. It’s not a fun thing to think about, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to prepare for anything.

Now, though, I have lots of other things on my mind. We’re moving into a house in a month, which I am ECSTATIC to be doing. No more apartment life. Our first home. It’s such a sweet, sweet thing. I have a new focus on moving keeping me busy.

It’s football season. I love fall, and I am a total football junkie. So, I am keeping busy with the local club of alumni from my college, and we’ve been getting the club active again. One of the things we are doing is football parties. Gotta love those. What better way to spend a Saturday alone than to catch up with fellow former students to cheer your team on to a win?

Finally, though, we’re going on a much needed vacation soon. My husband has a decent break in his schedule, and we’ll go visit his family. We’re SO excited to do this, and I am counting down the days. Not to mention packing and getting things in order to go!

I work best late at night, though, thanks to my husband’s schedule. I have become a total night owl, usually not going to bed until the sun is coming up. One bonus of having a house… I can vacuum any time I want! However, I get done what I can when I can. (Hence why its 1:30 AM and I am just now posting to this blog.)

I admittedly live an “abnormal” life… but its normal to me. And I love it.