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Rediscovering a love for music

I’ve grown terribly cynical about music in the last several years. That happens when you’re just close enough to the industry to realize it is often like beating your head against a brick wall over and over again. Amazing songs and singers are over looked every day for one reason or another.

I had a discussion on Twitter just today in which I begged someone to not judge the Nashville music scene based only on what they hear on the radio. The Nashville music scene is truly amazing if you’re willing to really delve into it. There are incredibly talented singers and songwriters working for tips — or for free sometimes — for the love of the music.

The music you love. The industry and business side can get frustrating.

As such, I’ve grown cynical. I spend much of my time listening to the radio by hitting seek or skip. Its never what I am looking for… even as I couldn’t begin to tell you what I want any more.

The TV in my room here in Texas went out a couple weeks ago. I turn it on, and within seconds it turns itself off. So no more late night TV watching. Instead, I’ve had to turn to music to fill the silence. Spotify has become a favorite program, and it’s let me start discovering that there’s still good music being made. And that my old favorites are still very much loved.

I spent about an hour just last night tinkering with a playlist. It reminded me of making mix CDs in college. I stopped often to dance around my room… just like I used to do. It felt GREAT. I was rediscovering my love for music! It was amazing. And I am grateful for it. Forget the industry. Forget the behind-the-scenes stuff. Just enjoy the music. Just let go and jam out.

That just needs one word: AWESOME.