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Texas A&M Lady Aggies: Watching history be made

People may wonder why last night’s win (76 – 70 over Notre Dame) is such a huge deal to Aggies. National Championships are a big deal, sure. But for Aggies, this was bigger than normal.

This was school history being made right before our eyes.

This was our first trip to the Final Four. Then it was our first trip to the National Championship. Then… sure enough… it was our first National Championship Title (in Women’s Basketball).

As the confetti rained down, tears fell from the eyes of the players and fans alike. This win was momentous. This win put this team into the history and lore that is the very fiber of Texas A&M University. This win put the university into the national spotlight, put us where we’ve felt in our hearts we’ve belonged for years. The team just had to claw their way one game at a time to get there.

And they did. But here’s the tidbit of information that might be lost on many…

Texas A&M didn’t even let women attend until 1963. Not even 50 years ago, not a single one of these remarkable women in the spotlight today would have even been allowed to enroll in the university. That, in my mind, is a big deal. It makes this win all the more noteworthy.

Remarkable women… As I watched these young women stand on that stage and accept the trophy last night. As I watched them today at Reed Arena surrounded by thousands of Aggie faithful. I saw poise and respect and pride. I saw wonderful personalities and a sisterhood that comes around oh so rarely. I saw wonderful representatives of the university I love so dearly.

Congratulations, ladies. You worked hard to get where you are today. Oh I’ve seen snide comments by fans of that school just down the Brazos river… (which makes me sad, because Aggies have said they had a great team this year. One of the best in the nation for sure. And yet many of their fans refuse to acknowledge the same towards us.) but those comments are nothing. The fact of the matter is that you worked hard, believed in yourselves and your teammates, and played every game with a singular focus and huge hearts. It’s not luck that you are today the 2011 National Champions. Its hard earned.

Gig’em Ags!

Lady Aggie Basketball… making memories & history

I played basketball in junior high. Yup. I was on the “B” team, though. I have the height, but not the coordination. (Had I made “A” team, I would have probably went on to play in high school. But I didn’t, so I didn’t.)

As part of being on the team, our coach took us to several Lady Aggie Basketball games. It was SO much fun, and I remember watching in awe. The arena was almost empty, though. No one was interested, I guess, but we had fun! We met the players, and I had an autographed poster of the team on my wall for awhile.

Once I quit playing, I quit paying much attention. In college I became like everyone else… oblivious to the fact that we even had a women’s basketball team.

Over the last few years, though, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have become a shining jewel for the university. I’m suddenly a basketball fan… something that baffles my parents and my husband. I fill out brackets. I curse when they get busted. (Really, Kansas!? Really!?) And this year…

This year I might or might not have gotten tears in my eyes when the Lady Aggies made it to the Final Four for the first time in school history. I gathered with my two favorite Aggies on Sunday and SCREAMED at the top of my lungs when they advanced to the National Championship.

Today, I am decked out in Aggie gear (not that that is unusual) having a hard time thinking about anything except tonight’s game. Win or lose, the team has made school history and put my university into the national spotlight in an area that not even Aggies acknowledged just a few years ago.

I am SO PROUD of those girls… what an incredible ride they are on right now, and I hope they enjoy every single second.

Gig’em Aggies!!! Beat The Hell Outta Notre Dame!!! WHOOP!!