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242: Nail colorWhen the economy takes a turn for the worse, people tend to look for ways to cut expenses while still boosting their mood and looks. A few months ago I read that when the economy is low, sales in home hair color and lipstick goes up.

Today, I officially fell into that first group, along with other at-home indulgences.

Let me start by saying that I love getting my hair highlighted, and pedicures are a wonderful treat. However, lately I’ve nixed both in an attempt to keep my monthly expenses as low as possible. That doesn’t mean that I can’t still pamper myself at home.

For years, I’ve given myself my own version of a pedicure. I get a huge boost out of painting my toe nails, and I have fun using stickers to decorate them. I recently purchased a nail color pen. (You can find it in the “Favorite things” widget in my sidebar if you are interested. I do recommend it!) Its like a sharpie for nails! Its so much fun to draw my own hearts, or edge my nails like a French Manicure. I can be as silly as I want to and change it often without feeling guilty about the cost.

When I first started to color my hair (10 years ago!), I started with at-home hair color. However, I eventually moved on to getting highlights in the salon. I always called it my one big splurge on myself. However, recently, I’ve not been able to justify the cost. Its made me sad to see my highlights grow out and fade, but I just couldn’t go get it fixed.

Last night, I asked my Mom if she’d help me color my hair at home. We were both nervous, but we decided to go for it. And wouldn’t you know? Not only did it come out great, but it was time that I wouldn’t trade for anything with her. Plus, it ended up costing me 10% of what it would have cost in the salon. SCORE!

I also enjoy giving myself facials, convincing my husband to give me a back and/or foot massage, and a pair of tweezers can shape my eyebrows just fine. Lots of other little pamperings.

Does it mean I’ll never get another pedicure or never go to the salon again? Not at all! I keep in mind there are people out there making a living providing these specialty services. I like to help my fellow wage-earners! Plus, it IS fun to go be pampered. However, right now, I’m trying to cut costs left and right, but I am doing so without cutting out various personal wants. I’m just doing them for myself for awhile, and there is a lot of satisfaction in that.

4 thoughts on “At-home pampering”

  1. Great post. Yes this was time I wouldn’t change for anything. Love the color, too!!

  2. I’m doing this myself lately. Thankfully my hair doesn’t require monthly trims, plus I’m growing it out for Locks of Love. I gave up fake nails years ago! Much easier to just paint my own natural nails than go in for $35 fills every two weeks. Plus, it’s easier to splurge on a $10 manicure. :) I am missing my pedicures, I gotta say, but I think it’s okay to get one now and then. It’s a fun $25. I have yet to strike up bargaining… all the magazines say to try it- the worst they can say is “no.” Bargaining things like 5 pedicures for the price of 3-4. I know my massage therapist has a deal going where you schedule and pay for 6 massages upfront for the price of 4! However, I can’t afford that right now. I do well to pay for one every few months. LOL Maybe if you ever decide to try bargaining, you can blog about it!

    1. I plan to do a blog post of ways we’ve found to save money. I’ll see if I can get my nerve up to try bargaining. People DO do it. I have had countless people come up to the Dog House and try to bargain. And I have to give ’em credit for trying!

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