Timed out discoveries

I am writing this blog post in Word, to later be copy/pasted into MW because our internet is down.

I’ve made a couple discoveries in these hours of internet-less-ness.

First, I rely heavily on Twitter to find out what is up.

I feel this is the beauty of Twitter. This is why I tell people that “Twitter is the awesome.” When something happens, I can usually find out information about whatever it is with a quick Twitter search.

For example, a week or so ago, the Nashville City Council were going to be voting about the fate of the Nashville Fairgrounds. My husband and I went out for the evening, and someone commented that they wondered what had happened with the vote. In less than 5 minutes, I found a reporter Twittering from the meeting, and I could give a play-by-play of the meeting from miles away. As I said, Twitter is the awesome.

Tonight, however, as the internet went down, I went in search of some sort of status update about my parent’s internet provider (using my handy smartphone). I discovered that their provider did not have a Twitter account. They didn’t even have a status blog to keep customers updated about any outages. A major business FAIL in my book.

Meanwhile, my blog went down at the same time. However, my host not only has a Twitter account, they also have a blog on which they post updates explaining what happened and when users could possibly expect their sites to be back up. WIN.

Anyone who thinks Twitter is all about posts like, “I am going to the bathroom now” need to give it a second look.

With that said, second, I rely a little too much on the internet.

No internet for the evening? No big deal! I have PLENTY of other projects to work on that don’t require internet.

Or wait. Those image files I need? I never downloaded them out of email to be able to build that banner for a friend.  I’ll play with my new camera! Maybe I can find some tutorials to follow on-l… oh wait. Can’t do that either.  At least I have Word to write my blog posts in to post later! Right?

I’ll be glad to have internet back. I’m building my career with the internet and no internet, no work. No work, no income. No income… STRESS!