Bring yourself joy

When I saw what this month’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) theme is, I knew I had to participate.


Dec 1: What do you do when you’re down to bring yourself a little joy?

Thankfully, I’m generally a happy person already, and I don’t let much get me down. But to bring myself a little joy, I…

  • Vent! Don’t bottle up what’s bothering me. Vent to my husband, my best friend, my Mom, coworkers or even just throw it on Twitter. Leaning on those around me is an awesome help. Get the negative out to let the joy back in!
  • Treat myself. I am not a retail therapy kind of girl. In fact shopping stresses me out and usually depresses me more because I spent hard-earned money. But I have zero problem grabbing a coffee at a coffee shop. Or maybe I paint my nails (even buying a new color to do so.) Grab dinner out with my husband or with “the girls.” I just do something that I might not normally do. (Okay so the coffee thing is borderline a daily occurrence. Don’t judge. Its my vice…)
  • Escape into the arts. Listen to music. Go take pictures. Dance. Art of any sort is a natural and total upper for me.

Those are just a few ways I make myself feel better when I am down… What’s yours?