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Who doesn’t love chocolate??

Actually, don’t answer that question. I do have friends who hate chocolate. Yeah, I’ve told them they are weird. Multiple times. But doesn’t make me love ’em any less. It just means more chocolate for me. Right?

This week, I received a Facebook message inviting me out to network and sample the new 3 Musketeers bar. Not only was I going, “Free chocolate? Uhm, YEAH!” but it happened to land on my birthday, a day I was lamenting I had no plans for at that time.  Double YEAH!

So yesterday, I got dressed up and headed down to the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. You know, I’d driven by that hotel 489,567 times and never noticed it. Had no idea it was so fancy!! SUPER nice!

 Nashville 3 Musketeers Meet-up

I pulled in and decided to just valet the truck. The price between self-park and valet was not enough to make me want to bother with trying to find a spot. I got my valet receipt, and I went inside. I had no idea where to go, so I just started to walk.

I noticed a woman and a teenager asking an employee something, and I squinted. Sure enough, it was a woman I’d followed on Twitter for about two years, and had friended on Facebook almost that long. I called her by name and I think I startled her. I’ve had it happen to me! People I know just from online approach me and there’s that brief moment of, “Who are you and how do you know me and why are you talking to me oh my word are you a stalker please don’t kill me.” I introduced myself and sure enough, they were heading to the meet-up as well. WHEW! Already a familiar face!

 She had asked where the meeting room was, so I walked with her and her daughter to the room. As we got name tags and checked our coats,  pulled out my camera and dug for my phone. And dug for my phone. And verbally went, to no one in particular, “Oh I did NOT just do that!”

I’d left my phone in the truck. The truck I’d just valeted. So with a sigh, I walked back to the valet booth. The man who had parked my truck was standing there and I explained what happened. He just grinned and went, “I’ll go get it for you.” I heard a laugh behind me, and a man went, “I did the same thing.”

So while we waited for the valet to come back, the man and I made small talk. He was from New Orleans, but come to find out he has family in Bryan, TX and Marlin, TX. I laughed and went, “I attended Texas A&M and my first job was the newspaper in Marlin.” He laughed and we both couldn’t believe the small world nature of our discussion.

The valet returned and handed me the phone, and I handed him a tip. I dashed back inside to the meet up.

Nashville 3 Musketeers Meet-up

 I snapped a few photos, and then hit the open bar. Yes, folks, an open bar. The night just got even better. Chocolate AND liquor… free… somebody hold me. I think I hear angels singing.

Most of the people were drinking wine, and while I love wine, it tends to make me super sleepy. So I decided I did NOT need wine. I noticed a bottle of Jack Daniels on the bar, so I requested a Jack and Coke. Its safe. The bartender asked if I had ever tried Jack and Ginger. I told him I hadn’t, but I knew a lot of people who liked it. I told him to go for it… lets try it. Glad I did! YUMMY! (Side note, I loved their bartender. He was SO nice and an absolute hoot to me! And he poured one heck of a drink!)

Finger food was circulating. Delicious little finger foods. My favorite was the pulled pork on a soft cracker, followed by the mushroom stuff on top of a little biscuit. Truth be told, had it not been rude, I might have chased the guy with those plates and tackled him. But, first impressions and all that. I will save it for the next meet up.

 Nashville 3 Musketeers Meet-up

I mingled and got to meet several fabulous women! I finally met in person Malia, who I “met” through Lotus‘ Weekly Winners. I was able to talk in length with Liz of Red Hot and 40 Plus and Kasandria of Southern Bella’s Ways To Save. A moment I found particularly funny was when we all exchanged business cards, and I found myself mentally naming the fonts used on the cards instead of actually reading them.

Yes, folks, I am a nerd. What’s it to ya?

They had these rich, delicious chocolate desserts in shot glasses made with the new 3 Musketeers bar in mind. SO rich, but SO good.

Which, at this time, I’d like to take a moment to say the new 3 Musketeers bars are quite good! VERY rich, though. I can see myself buying them in mini form versus the whole bar in the future. One bite of its chocolatey, soft goodness and I’m good for awhile. Which, personally, I like. Because it’ll help me keep from over indulging on the sugar and calories all at once.

There was a giveaway of a spa package, $200 towards American Airlines tickets and a box full of chocolates. I was ONE NUMBER off from the winner of the airlines tickets. I was bummed. We could really, really use that to get to Oregon for Christmas. Pooh. Oh well.

The meet up came to an end, and it made me just giddy for the next one. Whenever it may be. Wherever it may be. I’m ready! Meeting and networking is such a boost! And I am more than ever determined to make it to the Blissdom Conference this coming February.

Thank you, 3 Musketeers for hosting this wonderful meet-up!!

 Nashville 3 Musketeers Meet-up

Disclaimer: I was not asked to blog about the meet-up or the product. I simply chose to do so on my own!!!