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I’m over it, cat!

How can you get mad at this face:

Jedi Bailey

Its easy when that face decides to wake you every two hours demanding to play.

This has happened to me the last several nights in a row, and I’m officially over it. It’s ceased to be cute. Sleep is what I want… not to be begged to play.

My husband gave our cat a broken guitar string as a new toy, claiming cats love guitar strings. I am fairly sure I have him a, “Yeah… right.” look.


He was right.

This cat loves this guitar string. He runs around the house carrying it in his mouth like a dog would carry a tennis ball or stick. He will bring it to me while I sit at the desk or on the couch, set it down, and look at me like, “Make it move. Play with me!”

And I have to admit, its super cute.

What is not cute, though, is when he does this at night; when I am in a dead sleep. He jumps up on the bed, sets the string within arms reach, and proceeds to mew loudly until I wake up. The sad thing is that he has me to so well trained, that I find myself playing with him! Half asleep, moving this guitar string around so he can pounce on it. When I come to my senses, I throw it off the bed and he chases after it. Sadly, he usually comes back within two hours and we start all over.

Apparently, this isn’t an unusual phenomenon. I did a quick Google search and I discovered:

Not to mention COUNTLESS forum posts and Yahoo! Answers posts. So at least I am not alone. However,that knowledge doesn’t let me get a full night of sleep. I should probably just temporarily lock him out of my room at night, but when hubby isn’t home, I like having him around. Especially when all he does is snuggle up beside me and purr. Its an awesome comfort, and the companionship of a pet helps fill a void when you are home alone.

But, I’m over it. I’m over the late-night play sessions he demands. I might throw HIM off the bed next time!

Okay, I won’t. But it doesn’t mean I won’t be tempted…

Nonsensical things

We all have those things we do that make no sense, and yet we do them any way. Its as if in certain instances, logic no longer has any effect on us.

Today, I did a big one. I even twittered about it AS I WAS DOING IT.

Why am I sitting on my bed, checking the internet on my phone when my laptop is a foot away? — @niseag03

Yes folks, I spent over an hour reading BlogHer and my email and my Facebook and my Twitter feed ON MY PHONE, cursing how cumbersome it is to Share an article on Facebook via phone, all while my laptop sat open less than a foot away. Can someone explain to me what part of any of this made any sense?

One of my quirks that my husband finds particularly entertaining is the fact that I rarely will change the toilet paper roll. Its such a simple chore! And yet for whatever reason, I hate it and just don’t do it. He teased me that while he’s on the road, I HAVE to change the roll. Unbeknown to him (until now, ha!) I still very rarely change it. If I’m feeling particularly logical, I will. But on a general basis… not so much.

And yes, I did go take a picture of this phenomenon to use as a photo in this post.

In a similar vein, the bad habit I have that gets on my husband’s nerves is how, when cooking, I’ll toss all my trash in one of the sinks instead of putting it in the trash can. The difference in distance is maybe two steps, and yet I consistently do it. Even though I know it gets on his nerves! Its a bad habit. It makes no sense. I am guilty.

So please tell me its not just me! What are some of your more nonsensical moments?