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Happy moments

What has been the happiest moment of your life thus far? –Nablopomo Prompt

Life is made up of moments. Happy moments. Sad moments. Indifferent moments. Moments you wish you could get back and change. Moments you wish you could relive over and over and over again.

Picking a happiest moment is HARD, so I am totally cheating. Thought I’d talk about some of my happiest moments — plural — instead. (In no particular order!!)

My Wedding Day — OF COURSE! It fell together so perfectly. There were hiccups, but those just make the day even more special. Those are the ones we laugh about today. We smile about the light rain the fell ever so briefly after the ceremony. We tear up remembering those who couldn’t be there with us (specifically my husband’s Mom). And over all — one of my happiest days of my life. (OK, its THE happiest day!)

Graduation — August 15, 2003. I graduated from Texas A&M University. A dream come true!!!! I am an Aggie and I have the diploma on the wall to show I’m not just a fan. I am alumni!

State winner — Freshmen year. Winning 2nd place in state competition for Headline Writing. SO SURREAL. TOO COOL!

Engagement — Dang seagulls! Distracted me while my now-husband got down on  one knee. AND SO MANY PEOPLE KNEW! How on earth did everyone keep such a secret!? AHHHH! And I didn’t say,”Yes.” No. I said, “Of course.”

It’s that moment its all just perfect — Its a fleeting moment I remember from high school. When our half-time performance just CLICKED. It felt great. You knew it WAS great. And it ended with a standing ovation from a crowd that usually couldn’t care less about the band. Oh what a RUSH!

It’s a boy! Then it’s a girl! —  My nephew and my niece are soooo lights in my world. I look forward to having my own kids, but until this… I’ll just try to spoil these two as much as possible!

Just some average day — When I take a day to set all my worries aside. Maybe its a day I can go for a drive in the sunshine, with the windows down. Or maybe its a day on the couch watching the rain fall. It matters none. Sometimes the most average day can be one of the happiest.


Top 10 Reasons I have a case of blog-block

I can’t come up with a blog topic to write about. So, I thought I’d list the reasons why I can’t come up with a topic.

  1. I have a ton of photos to edit from today, and I’d rather be doing that.
  2. Even though I’m on a total different schedule than the rest of the world, I recognize its late and, as such, would rather do just about anything except what I should be doing.
  3. I’m getting tired.
  4. The interesting things that happened to me yesterday are things I already wrote about. In depth. A few times.
  5. I feel like I’ve had some really awesome posts lately, and I want to keep it up. So nothing seems like a good enough topic.
  6. I’ve stared at the “Add New Post” page so long that I think I’m seeing double.
  7. There’s nothing for me to rant about! I’m in a good mood!
  8. My birthday is coming up, and I kinda want to wallow bask in that fact.
  9. Daylight Savings Time ended.
  10. I’m bored and thus feel boring.

Why do YOU get blog-block, or writer’s block, or just a big case of the “I don’t wannas?”