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Drama royalty

I’ve discovered that in life there are people who simply thrive on drama and dragging others into it with them. It drives me, personally, crazy.

Oh I do think a little drama keeps life from being stagnate, and it doesn’t necessarily have to mean a bad thing. Sometimes you have to go through a little drama to get to a really wonderful and positive outcome. I mean, how many relationships get stronger due to weathering some crazy event (or crazy person!)?

Look at reality TV (or any TV show, for that matter), what keeps audience’s attention is the drama and how it will unfold. Once you boot all the drama off the show and out of the story, it gets a bit boring.

That being said, a little drama is okay.

What gets on my nerves is when someone is nothing but drama. You can’t have any sort of conversation with that person without it featuring some sort of crazy drama. They truly seem happiest when there’s something negative going on in their life or someone else’s life. And that TOTALLY baffles me!

Is it a bid for attention? Does it make them feel important? I truly wonder…

How do you deal with these drama queens or drama kings (because, seriously, men can be just as dramatic as any woman!)?


Sticker shock

108: Eye examLast week, I went to the eye doctor. It had been too long since I got my eyes checked, and I was officially out of contact lenses. So I was forced to go.

I’ve worn glasses since 2nd grade. I can still remember that eye exam by the school nurse. I still remember knowing when I left her office that my parents would be getting a call. I still remember my first pair of glasses.

I wore glasses up into college. I’m super “ACK!” about anything with my eyes. I’m still thankful for the guy’s patience at the eye doctor when I got contact lenses for the first time. It took me over an hour to get the first pair in, back out and back in afterwards. He was SO patient with me, and he sure didn’t have to be!

Since then, I’ve not looked back. (No pun intended.) I’ve been an exclusively contacts girl for around 15 years. My husband is not a fan of my old glasses that I wear to bed each night after taking out my contacts. An old prescription, I really shouldn’t wear them at all, but I just haven’t seen the need for glasses.

Until I started noticing more and more people rocking glasses… many of which wear contact lenses 90% of the time. I started wishing I had a new pair of glasses, with the proper prescription. So, my husband and I agreed that this would be the year I got new glasses.

I warned him they’d be expensive. I am super, super nearsighted. Like. Ridiculous. I warned the people at the eye doctor and they laughed it off until they did my exam.

Yup. Super nearsighted. My lenses would be really thick. Yes, yes they would be. I knew this as well.

What I didn’t know what how expensive glasses have become in the last 15 years. We got a tax refund on Wednesday. I spent all of it on Thursday on glasses. I was glad my husband and I were both sitting down when the total was read to us. The frames alone were more than my entire glasses were years ago! Then with the type of lenses I need due to my eye sight… YIKES!

But, my eyesight hasn’t changed any in the last 12 years, and I don’t anticipate it being an issue any time soon. So I should be in these glasses for, well, probably another 15 years! So, its a good investment, and you can’t put a price on your ability to see.