July has not been kind

I have no idea what any of us did to July to make it so harsh this year, but whatever it is, I think I speak for almost everyone, we’re sorry!

I’ve mentioned a few things I’ve experienced this month in this blog. And I’ve left other things out. (Perhaps those will come in a later blog entry.) But all around me, I’ve heard tales of tragedy and hardships.

My two best friends have both had cancer strike their families. My “best friend from high school” has a aunt that was diagnosed, and my “best friend from college” had her mother-in-law diagnosed. Both within a day of each other.

A friend here in Nashville has a nephew that has been diagnosed with cancer as well.

An acquaintance from high school had tragedy strike, leaving her brother and a nephew in a burn unit in Dallas. Her other nephew, however, did not survive the accident.

A client of my family’s business had a heart attack and was left in ICU (out of state!) for a few days because of it.

My own nephew, today, is having a doctors appointment in Dallas regarding his Muscular Dystrophy. These regular appointments are key to his doing as well as he has done all these years, but I also know the appointments are stressful and carry a level of uncertainty every time.

All of these events have weighed heavy on my heart. Each event — every single one of them — are valid concerns and stressors. While some may be considered more “severe” than others, it does not lessen the feelings that come with each and every one.

All I can do, all so many of us can do, is simply say a few prayers for strength and comfort for each person and family affected by these negative events.  I often find myself wondering why? Why do these things happen? Why so many all at the same time?

Then I remind myself, sometimes the reason is not for us to know. Or perhaps the reason will come to light in the future. No matter what, we all pull together and help each other. We support each other. And in the end, we grow from these challenges. They make us appreciate the good times more. They make us work a little harder.

Hang in there everyone. We’re all going to get through all our various trials by taking it a day at a time and by leaning on each other. I welcome anyone needing a place to vent or to share their own story —  no matter how trivial or how extreme — in the comments. Sometimes it helps just to talk, and I’m a good listener.

6 thoughts on “July has not been kind”

  1. You have said it all so well and I was just thinking today that I could use some good news
    already. Let us all pray for everyone that is going through these challenges and celebrate even the smallest of good news. May God Bless!

    1. I whole heartedly agree! Good news is always welcome, and I think we’ve all had a little today. Maybe this week is going end up a lot brighter after all… and even if it isn’t, I do think lots of prayers and faith will carry us through!!

  2. No words for you…they all seem so over used and cliched…Hope things look up soon, hang in there.

    1. Thank you SO much… I find myself in a funk a lot these days, looking around me and seeing so many people hurting and just trying to make it a day at a time. But I’m holding tough and keeping the faith that it’s all going to work out in the end. It has to!

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