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205: His & HersAs I’ve mentioned, I have a lot of weddings this year, and with weddings come wedding gifts.

Its funny the things I can tell you with complete clarity who gave us what as a wedding gift. Similarly, I have things I can tell you were a wedding gift, but darn if I can tell you who it was was from! I have gifts that stand out as favorites. I have gifts that are still in the box, four years later.

So as I am contemplating what to get for each wedding and/or shower, I find myself thinking back to my wedding registry and the gifts I received. There were registry items I am still bummed we didn’t get. There are non-registry items I use every day and am soooo grateful to have.

I want to give something useful and meaningful at the same time. So, I ask you, my dear readers, what were some of your favorite wedding gifts — either to receive or to give? Please! Give me some ideas!!

4 thoughts on “Wedding gifts”

  1. I recognize those pillow cases. Haha! I gave you my idea. And yes or yes practical in my book is the way to go! Actually I am starting to look forward to all the activities mostly it will mean we will be spending some time together.

    1. I agree! I’m putting any stress worries away and looking at the positive. Thank you for helping me figure out what to buy the other day! Whew!

  2. I adore bowls. I have used nearly every bowl that was given to us! Big bowls, little bowls, fancy crystal bowls, every day mixing bowls, glass serving bowls, metal heat-safe/cold-safe, etc. I just LOVE them! :) Also, I didn’t get this as I already had them, but a good solid 10″ skillet is a great gift! It will last forever!

    1. Good points!!!

      As silly as it sounds. My favorite gift-not-on-my-registry was a food thermometer! I use it ALL THE TIME!

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