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Wedding congrats — Kim & Vaston

Every now and then, a couple comes along that you look at and go, “Of course! They’re perfect together!” A total match  made in heaven.

Today, I got to watch such a match exchange their vows and become husband and wife. I could NOT be happier for them both, and I am so thankful I got to be there and witness the beautiful event.

Kim and Vaston, we wish you the best… on this day and every day there is to come. Life will have its hard moments. Life will have its magical moments. The rough ones will be easier together, and the magic will be brighter shared with your spouse. You will get advice from every side today, and if I can interject my piece of advice it would be simply to love one another without hesitation and to remind each other of that love every single day.



5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago, I said, “I do” to my best friend. Five years ago, surrounded by family and friends, I became my husband’s wife. Five years ago… seems like it was just yesterday.

I randomly will remember moments from that day. Everything from making sure I didn’t run into my groom before I walked down the aisle to the rain softly falling as we stepped out of the church to cutting the cake to doing the Aggie War Hymn to sitting at our little cabin for the night eating summer sausage and drinking Crown and cokes. And everything in between those events. It doesn’t feel like we should be celebrating FIVE YEARS.

But, in the same breath… I can believe it.

I sure can’t fit in my dress any more. We’ve had three different addresses in those five years. We’ve handled job losses and job advances. We’ve lost pets, and we’ve gotten new ones. We continue to chase our dreams, both each other’s biggest fans. We now understand the statement, “I love you more every day.”

We’ve had arguments. We’ve had laughter so hard we couldn’t breathe. We’ve had moments of glory, we’ve had moments of failure. We’ve lived our life hand-in-hand for the last five years, and we hold hands looking to many, many more ahead.


*Photo by AJW Photo.