Reunited with one of my favorite shows

I’ve been an avid viewer of What Not to Wear on TLC since season 1. Yup, I even remember long-haired Wayne of season 1. I love the show, and I’ve learned so much watching it — both about style and about self confidence. More on that later…

When I say I’ve been an avid viewer, I should clarify: I WAS an avid viewer. Until TLC moved it from Friday night to Tuesday night. Now, I only see it if I just happen to stumble upon it as a repeat later in the week. (Read: never.)

Friday nights were a tradition with my Mom! We’d watch together sitting on the couch, then after I moved to Nashville we’d watch together via AIM. The mother/daughter time was a wonderful bonus to one of my favorite shows!

Then… then it moved to Tuesday night. The one night a week I can’t watch. Mom and I find other shows to watch together, but none of them are our original What Not to Wear. None stand up to the high bar we’d set with that show.

Last night, however, I was actually free and I got to tune in for two episodes back-to-back. Mom and I chatted online through the show, discussing the style, attitude and the ending reveal of each participant. I was reminded how much FUN it is, and I was also reminded why I love the show so much.

It’s not just about fashion. Anyone who thinks that has never watched an episode, never REALLY watched it. Most style issues for the participants are a result of a deeper seeded issue that has led to a lack of self confidence. Often its a case of worrying so much about everyone else that the participant forgets to take care of themselves. Granted, sometimes its a case of just not knowing any better. Whatever the reason, though, you most often see not only a change in appearance, but a change in attitude and confidence.

The show makes me want to take more care in my appearance. The show reminds me how I present myself not only can change how people interact with me, but also how I think of myself. It reminds me that when I take extra care in my day’s appearance, I often have a more productive and better day.

I wish TLC would move it back to Friday, but since that won’t be happening, I’ll just have to wait until I get another Tuesday free. I look forward to the time with Mom, and I look forward to that kick in butt to step up and take better care of myself.

8 thoughts on “Reunited with one of my favorite shows”

  1. Yay!! Love it. You said it all so well. I throughly enjoyed our time together last night. I’m grateful I remembered it was on and we were both available. And yes it is a great place to learn style and self confidence. And on that note it is time for me to get my day going, and I think I will take a little extra time to look better therefore feel better and do better work. Have a great day as well. Thank you What Not To Wear and beautiful daughter!!

    1. Awwww…thank you! I love it and I miss doing it! I sure wish they’d move it… ANY day except Tuesday would be better for me, as you know. OH well… we will take every chance we get and enjoy them even more.

  2. I was always so thankful to have WNTW to watch on Friday nights (or Saturday mornings, if I missed it on Friday night). Especially those weekends I spent at my at-the-time future in-laws. Everyone would go to bed… and I’d be wide awake. The room I slept in had a TV, so I’d put it on mute and watch the WNTW repeats til 1 or 2a.m. LOL

  3. I call my Mom about once a week too for our watching of Project Runway recap, too! We started watching it together about Season 2 or 3 and just love it at times! This season is not the best, but I’m hoping it will get better as it goes on.

  4. I love love love watching this show, and TLC (in general) is one of the networks I miss now that I don’t have cable! I think it’s a great show and you are so right- it’s more about the lost confidence with most of the people on that show. What I love is when you can SEE the lightbulb moment in their eyes, it’s like they finally understand WHY they are there, and it’s not really their wardrobe :)
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    1. YES!! Exactly!! This show has left me more empowered in so many ways. I wish more people would get past the idea of it just being about fashion… because it is SO MUCH more.

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