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Short and simple

  • I went to a party tonight, held at the house of someone in the music industry. It was REALLY nice to be surrounded by people who didn’t look at me weird when they asked where my husband was, and I responded, “Switzerland!” I mean, surprise, yes. Weird, no.
  • At said party, I met people that I probably should have met a long time ago due to mutual friends in common. I am constantly struck by how incredibly small the music community really is. It’s exactly what makes Nashville feel like a small town.
  • Ok, I can’t begin to say how giddy I am that my husband will be home soon. I absolutely can’t wait!

Just a small update

I’ve spent a lot of time with some “newbie” “musician’s widows” as of late. It is indeed tour season, and many of “our men” are out on the road livin’ the dream. They talk about the time apart and how hard it is. I end up just nodding along… been there, done that. I will do it again. Preaching to the choir here. Preaching to the choir.

As I always tell them to remember… it’s always that first day or two that are the hardest. ESPECIALLY when its an extra long run, as they tend to be in the summer. You feel the void more than ever. Good-byes always are hard. But you do eventually get into a routine of your own, and time passes relatively quickly. It especially helps when you have friends you can see in the time he is gone.

I’m not really leaving that life these days so much. I’m getting used to having my husband at home! I’m downright spoiled, in fact, by having him here.

However, he also has his CDL and he co-drives whenever he’s out on the road. This weekend, he is helping a friend out by co-driving for Montel Williams (of all people!). It’s a short run for him, but it gave me a taste of “the life” again for a few days. I have so much work to do these days that this time has passed quickly, and he’ll be home tomorrow evening.

We’re embarking on a new endeavor that could prove to change our lives dramatically. It already is in a way, and we’re welcoming the challenge with excitement. I will possibly be posting about it more at a later date, but until that time… we just keep on keepin’ on.