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Palm Sunday

Ready for EasterYesterday, I was blown away by how many people posted to Facebook and Instagram about Palm Sunday.

On Saturday, I was admittedly on the fence about going to church. “It’s going to be long,” I thought. “It’s so pretty outside, I just want to be outside. Besides, I have lots of work to do.”

But I went. And when I walked out of church, I took a deep breath and was SO glad I went.

The reading of the passion… somewhere in my mind I got grumpy and thought it would be long and just… ugh. But as we read it, I was reminded quickly how powerful it is. I remembered the many years I was a reader on Palm Sunday, and how much I loved being a part of it. Let’s just say God gave me a good wake-up call and set me straight!

I love reading the passion. All the characters and voices. Being involved yourself as the crowd. If that doesn’t bring into focus the story of Easter… if that doesn’t make you realize what Jesus went through for the souls of all… nothing will.

I often see the largest amount of posts and discussion about church and God at Easter and Christmas. To see so many loving Palm Sunday as much as I do just gave me an extra boost of some sort.  I’m much more focused and grounded going into Holy Week this week. I’m excited for Easter and the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.


Church pewsI went to church tonight. I haven’t been in months… “too busy” or “it doesn’t fit in my schedule.”

I like keeping my Saturdays low key. Or I should say I LIKED keeping my Saturday’s low key.

Then football season began… and my Saturdays exploded. Suddenly I was darting across town to attend the game watching parties I organized. And it hit me one day.

All these past months, I’ve been “too busy to go to church.” But suddenly I wasn’t too busy to go to a football game. There was something wrong here. Very wrong.

So tonight, I put my focus where it should have been all along. Back on going to church. And it was amazing. I needed that.

This world has become more and more confusing. I blame the Presidential election for much of the confusion, but I also blame just being busy. Everyone trying to cover way too many bases at one time. I need to be in three places at once.

But in that hour. I needed to be only in that one place, focused on what is truly most important.

I left church feeling much more peaceful that I have in awhile. I left feeling somewhat ashamed that I’d been so absent for so long… failing to make it the priority it should be. I left vowing to come back as soon as I can. No more going months on end without attending church. No more losing that focus.