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Reviving a passion

The other day, it hit me. I am craving a great fiction novel.

I grew up an avid reader. My passion and interest in writing is borne of years of devouring books — often more than one in a day. But over the last 10 years, that interest as fallen off due to things like work, the internet, and other things that fill my time and focus. What reading I do is for review programs, most of which are usually  non-fiction and motivational in nature.

Don’t get me wrong! Those are great!

But I wanted fiction. Like I told my husband, I want a chick flick in a book.

I told my parents about my urge to read, and Mom mentioned that my brother recently visited a Half Priced Books store where my sister-in-law picked up armloads of books to read — most of which cost her about a dollar each!

So, I googled, “half price books nashville tn” and I was directed to McKays Books a bit west of town. So, my parents, my husband and I made the trip out to see what we could find.


I was in heaven. Absolutely in heaven. Books, music, movies… I wanted to bring in a cot and just sleep there for a few days… weeks… ok maybe a few months.

It didn’t take long for everyone to split up. I started in fiction, then eventually ended up pouring over photography books. I discovered Dad over in the financial section. Mom was in the motivational books section. And my husband indeed up in CDs picking out some to buy. We ended up, collectively, leaving with 11 books, 2 DVDs and 6 CDs. We spent about $46 total. For everything. Including tax.

My husband and I agreed we’d be going back regularly. I can already feel my passion for reading being revived with this trip to McKay’s. And I love it. So good to be reunited with a part of yourself that has been left dormant for much too long. I am most definitely happy!!

When I am stumped…

Some days, like today, I am totally stumped on what to write about. Nothing is weighing on my mind (other than the long and getting longer to do list that I am pointedly ignoring at this moment in time). Nothing has me fired up. About my only “issue” is that my sleep schedule is more whacked out than normal. Otherwise, I’m pretty darn content.

So when I am stumped for a writing topic, I finally take time to bop around and visit some of my favorite blogs and check in on all my fellow bloggers.  Of course, I visit BlogHer, an amazing place to get lots of posts on countless topics all in one place, but I will pick random blogs out of my blogroll and peek in on them.

If you’ll scroll down this page… okay, wayyy down on this page… you’ll find my Blogroll in the right column. I need to update it a bit — delete a few that have quit posting and add some new blog-loves — but its a great place to go for blogs that I love. Today I invite you to pick one or a few and give them a visit! You might find something you like, too!