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Taking a break

Think taking a break is wasting time? Not necessarily…

This year I’ve taken the time to breathe a little bit more than I have in the past few years. Responsibilities to work, organizations, and projects take so much attention and often feel like the most important thing at any given time.  I can’t let anyone down!

But, while am I so worried about letting others down, I end up letting the most important people down. Namely taking one-on-one time to reconnect with my husband when he’s actually home. Or what about just taking care of myself?

Sometimes you HAVE to take a break to realize doing so isn’t “wasting time.” It can be, instead, the most precious and important time you spend all week. (Cue “Cat’s In The Cradle” right about now?)

I would not deny that my husband and I probably eat out way more than we should. We could save money eating at home, sure. But its when we go out to eat that we sit across from each other and talk. If I cook at home, we inevitably sit in front of the TV and watch it instead. Then we clear the plates away and dive into our computers. Are we getting things done? Yes. Is it important stuff? Yes. Are we connecting? Not really.

So I’d rather “waste money” and “waste time” traveling to and from a restaurant to sit for an hour to talk without interruption. To catch up. The check in with each other.

We all have responsibilities. Work makes sure the bills are paid. Organizations are so important to so many of us. We need to finish this next big project. But its okay to take a moment, look around, and remember WHY you do everything you do. Don’t forget to take a break for a few minutes today. You just might end up feeling more motivated.

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
Bertrand Russell

When posts get lost in my mind

Over the last week and a half, I’ve written a blog post every day.

In my mind.

I hate it when life gets too busy to actually put my post-thoughts down in an actual post. As a result, those posts end up lost for good. Possibly to be found again at a later day, but more likely to never be read by anyone other than my own psyche.

It’s been a very busy week-and-a-half since I last updated. A quick trip to Texas that went way too fast for me followed by work, work and more work. No time to breathe in there, and it left me very grouchy and out of sorts.

However, the trip to Texas was wonderful. I got to see my high school play our biggest rivals — and win in a shut-out — and then I got to spend my entire brother’s birthday with him for a change. I don’t think that’s happened since… uhm… a really long time.

I got to make a quick trip to Aggieland — a place that forever just makes me smile with good, happy memories and a pride that never dims.

And then… then our trip was over. Just as suddenly as it began, it came to an end. I had all these thoughts, all these posts I wanted to write. I had days worth of photos I’d taken, ready to share with others. But time was passing much too fast to do any of it. My creative side… a side as important to me as breathing and eating, was having to sit patiently and wait to be set free again.

Slowly, I am finding a moment here and there to be creative. Photos finally got edited last night. And I’m borrowing a few moments to write this post… because just like I get “hangry” when I want to get something to eat, I get grouchy when I can’t do what is my passion. And sometimes… sometimes you have to say NO and just do what you need to do.

 313: Reflecting on a great trip