Weekly Winners (Apr. 18 – 24)

Running behind today due to being busy, busy, busy!! A good thing. I love being busy! Especially when I’m off doing things I love to do. In fact, this week’s photos features a few of my favorite things to do…

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Love ring
Love ring. My niece gave it to my Mom. I thought it was sweet! (And pretty!)

Clumps of pollen
Clumps of pollen

Shelby Footbridge
Shelby Street Footbridge... one of my most favorite sites in Nashville.

Muster roll call
Aggie Muster Roll Call

Empty beer glasses
Boscos Beer! My husband and I went out for drinks after Muster to celebrate the ceremony going well. I'd been working on it for awhile, and I was feeling great! We each had two beers before heading home.

Tennessee countryside
Tennessee countryside. My husband and I went for a drive out in the country one afternoon, and I thought the views were so breathtakingly beautiful! I live in such a gorgeous area!!

Pink flowers in my yard
Pink flowers that showed up in my yard. They weren't there last year!

Gibson Guitar
Gibson guitar.

I thought he played piano...
Wait, wait, wait... I thought I married a piano player!

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All photos taken using a Nikon Coolpix L20.

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One of my favorite days of the year

Roll Call
Roll Call

There are days every year we all look forward to. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. Days that just shine on the calendar, and we find ourselves counting down to them.

For me, April 21st is one of those days on the year.

April 21st means Aggie Muster.

I wrote about what Muster means to me in depth last year in this blog. So, I won’t go as in depth as to what Muster is, but I will once again reiterate: it humbles me.

I get downright ANGRY when anyone “teases” me about being an Aggie, and its things like Muster that cause that anger to bubble up.

I have found that a majority of the time, the people who tease are those people who see only one thing: football. A university’s worth is only measured by how they play on the football field.

I like football. No, I love football. I get just as wrapped up in it as anyone else. But, I didn’t go to Texas A&M University based on the football team. I went because its a FAMILY. There is a camaraderie with Aggies that I could never explain, nor could I ever expect non-Aggies to understand.

We honor our past. We encourage our future. And we stand together every day. But every April 21st we come together, all around the world, to do all of these things at one time. We honor those who have passed. We welcome new Aggies to the tradition with open arms. And we put our arms around each other in a familial hug to comfort as much as to encourage.

So while others judge a school on their football team, I’m going to judge mine based on traditions like Muster and Silver Taps. On academic rankings and its connection to our armed forces. On school, state and nation. On a love for fellow Aggies, even those we’ve never met in person.

We gather here to mark the day Aggies proudly stand.
To honor those who’ve gone before to the promised land.
Each name is called upon the roll, comrades answer “Here.”
Trumpets sound their sad good-bye to those we held so dear.
All heads are bowed in silent pledge never to forget.
While rifles fire their last salute echoes answer yet.
To their mem’ry we’ll be true; we will take their place.
One for all and all for one ever in Thy grace.
We’ll meet again another day, reunion while we pray
To ask Thy blessing on each one on this Muster day,
Aggie Muster Day.

Mrs. Earl (Margaret) Rudder

On April 21st, I proudly answered, “here” to the roll call at the Middle Tennessee Aggie Muster. And for as long as the Lord lets me walk this Earth, I’ll do it again every April 21st to come.

Aggies Mustered in Middle Tennessee

Acts of kindness and “Home”

I am flying home today. And yet, I’m at home.

I’m blessed with two homes. The one I have with my husband and our crazy, wonderful life in Nashville. The other in Texas where I grew up and where my family is. Like I wrote in a note to my brother tonight, “I have the best of both worlds. I am happy to be going, but I am sad to be leaving.”

How wonderful a feeling, to know you have two places that you are loved and that you call “home.” I am truly blessed and so very thankful.

Today, as I fly home to Nashville, I wanted to pass along a challenge for today to be a day for Random Acts of Kindness.

See, my sister-in-law’s second cousin was killed in a car accident last month.

She was only 16.

Today would have been her 17th birthday.

I didn’t know Lauren personally, but I know she meant a the world to her family and friends. I’ve read and heard many stories in the last few weeks about the good she did in her short life — kindness that many of us dream to aspire to do, and yet somehow often will fall short.

Her loved ones decided a way to honor her memory would be to make what would have been her birthday be a day to commit “random acts of kindness” in Lauren’s memory.

[Article from KBTX – Bryan/College Station about the movement.]

This world is so filled with an “all about me” mentality. I think a day to focus on someone else would be refreshing. And to have to be in memory of a life cut short? Well, that’s an added bonus.

I will be flying from Austin, TX to Nashville, TN today. And I fully intend that somewhere in between — or perhaps a few times in between — to participate in this day of good deeds…

Won’t you join us?