What is a Musician’s Widow?

A view from backstage
A view from backstage

I first heard the term “Musician’s Widow” at a friend’s wedding. One of her bridesmaids welcomed her to the club of musician’s widows, and that stuck with me… especially once I became one myself.

My husband is a touring musician, meaning he spends days and weeks at a time on the road. Unlike what many want to believe, I do not go out on the road with him. I am lucky to get to attend a hand-full of shows through the year, and extra lucky when I do indeed get to go on a special run with my husband. (For example, he played two shows in 2006 in Hawaii, and I got to tag along.)  However, a majority of the time, he goes on the road and I stay home, “keeping the homefires burning.” Thus the title: Musician’s Widow.

It’s our life, and its what I am accustomed to as a routine. It’s certainly not cut out for everyone, and the whole life takes a lot of trust on both sides of the relationship. (Not to mention great communication skills!) However, I love my life and this crazy world we find ourselves in… the music world.

Writing is my trade and passion. Music, however, is my life.

Meet more women like me over at Road Widows. This blog gives you an even better look into the lives of the women behind the men who bring you music all around the world.

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